3 Airlines That Offer Flight Deals for Senior Citizens

3 Airlines That Offer Flight Deals for Senior Citizens

While it isn’t easy to snag flight deals for seniors, there are a few options open on some flights. The discount is usually 10%, but keep in mind that you may get even better savings if you hunt for deals elsewhere. You can get cheaper tickets if you choose to leave on a Tuesday morning instead of a Friday evening. Another way to get some deals is to sign up for an airline’s exclusive newsletters so that you are always in the loop about discounts and deals. While getting the 10% discount, it is essential to read the fine print so that the airline doesn’t tack on extra baggage fees, fees for food, etc. Flight deals for senior citizen do have some advantages such as they could be refundable or you could get deals at the last minute too.

Let’s look at some of the airlines that are offering flight deals for senior citizens.

  • Southwest Airlines
    Southwest Airlines provides many benefits to senior citizens. If you happen to be 65 years or older, you may get a discount on your ticket. You can book these tickets at the airport, or you can call them for the same. However, there are some caveats because of which you may not be able to combine this discount with other deals. The “age verification” allows you to get around much quicker at the airport. Seniors also get to board the plane before other passengers because of their age.
  • British Airways
    While British Airways does not offer cheap flights for seniors specifically, they may offer AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) discounts and benefits. The savings here are extensive and may go up to $200. There are three fares namely World Traveler, World Traveler Plus, and Club World. These terms stand for Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class tickets respectively. The discounts on the first go up to around $65, the second goes up to $130 approximately, and finally, passengers can get up to $200 off on their business class tickets. Passengers cannot club this deal with any other offer.
  • United Airlines
    United Airlines provides senior citizen discounts for select destinations. To see which destinations are covered by this offer, you will need to visit their website or make inquiries over the phone. United Airlines also offers a host of other services like wheelchair service and extra boarding time to passengers who are 65 or older. Passengers only have to select the “Seniors” category while making their reservation.