3 common types of yard signs

3 common types of yard signs

For any purpose, be it an event or business, yard signs add great value to the outcome. Hence, you need to carefully choose from the different kinds of signs available in the market. If you are on a budget, cheap signs are available that can help you market your cause without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you, here are some common types of cheap signs that you can choose as per your need.

Corrugated plastic yard signs
These signs are the preferred choice for yard signs that can be used for multiple purposes. They are also known as coroplast or coro. Corrugated plastic yard signs are stable in harsh weather and are durable for a long time. These are cheap signs that you normally see on lawns across the city, in the form of real estate listings or political campaigns.

The word corrugated refers to channels or flutes in the sign through which you can insert wire stakes for stability. This way, they can be properly placed on any soft terrain such as grass and house yards. The affordability, durability, and the fact that you can easily set it somewhere and as easily remove it without any trouble are major reasons why many people prefer to use corrugated plastic yard signs. Corrugated signs are sturdy and lightweight. So, any damage done to the sign can be quickly taken care of.

Poly-coated cardboard yard signs
Also known as fold-over signs, these plastic-coated signs are the traditional choice for political rallies. A waterproof laminate is used on these cardboard signs. However, their core is an opaque, bleached, and white paperboard. The core is built to resist water. Both the sides of the sign are then covered in a plastic film, and the message is printed on one of these sides. You even have a back score, enabling you to easily fold the sign with the edges stapled or glued together. This is called the double-sided fold-over sign. Poly-coated cardboard yard signs are weather-resistant cheap signs, making them appropriate for any low volume requirement of plastic yard signs.

Polybag yard signs
These signs are the standard choice for political campaigns and rallies due to their various benefits. These signs can be bought in bulk at an affordable price. They are lightweight and resistant to all kinds of weather. For campaigns, you can just purchase the signs and utilize old yard wires.