4 advantages of a low-cost apartment hotel

4 advantages of a low-cost apartment hotel

Finding a decent apartment or house in your budget on occasions can get difficult as property owners have a variety of conditions. Moreover, individuals who have an eviction on their credit are more likely to get their application rejected. If you are struggling with the high property rates and renting standards, then you should give low-cost extended-stay hotels a try.

Popularly known as weekly or apartment hotels, extended-stay hotels are an ideal choice instead of crashing at your family or friend’s place or settling for bad apartment deal. Since weekly hotels are a relatively unconventional option it can be a bit trickier to find good ones. While picking an affordable extended-stay hotel, remember that you should not only take the room’s rent into account but also ensure that the place is comfortable and well-maintained.

Here’s why a low-cost apartment hotel can be a beneficial choice for you.

  • Moving into an apartment can get pricey
    Even after discovering a decent renting arrangement, you might have to incur costs like a high security deposit, advance payment of first-month room’s rent, non-refundable administrative and applications fees. Moreover, you might have to bear miscellaneous expenses relating to repairs or home moving services. Conversely, a weekly hotel is not just an inexpensive choice but also a convenient one until you gather enough expenses for a suitable apartment.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting approvals
    For any prospective tenant, eviction on their credit is more menacing than exorbitant room rents. This is because the eviction status can stay on the credit history for seven years, making it extremely tough for one to get housing approvals. So, most landlords will refuse such applications right away as they think it involves a higher financial risk. Extended-stay hotels, on the other hand, do not require any credit checks, and therefore, you can easily secure an accommodation.
  • Extended-stay hotels are unaffected by past criminal backgrounds
    Several property owners even check the criminal history of the potential resident. If there is a negative record, they will most likely disapprove the application. In such situations, apartment hotels can come to the rescue and provide you with safe and affordable lodging.
  • Weekly hotels can save you from making hasty decisions
    Often, while urgently hunting for housing options, you can be more vulnerable to bad deals. In this process, you might end up making a hasty decision, which can take a hit on your finances. Therefore, if you aren’t sure, it is better to check in an apartment hotel and pay a cheaper room’s rent for a week or two. This period will allow you to make the right choice for your future accommodation.

Cost of an apartment hotel
The rooms for rent in an extended-stay hotel will vary according to its location and the amenities offered. Mostly, low-cost weekly hotels will charge you around $100 to $120 per week. Likewise, if you want services like an internet connection or flexible room service, then the room’s rent will increase accordingly. Apartment hotels will full-fledged services usually charge anywhere between $300 and $450 a week, approximately.