4 popular types of criminal justice degree majors

4 popular types of criminal justice degree majors

Are you planning a career in criminal justice? Then you should know about the various types of criminal justice majors which encompass specific fields such as criminology, corrections, law enforcement, rehabilitation and social work. Before you opt for any specialization, ensure to carry out ample of research to make the correct choice. This is because a degree in criminal justice deals with different human emotions. So, to serve the society, you must identify your personality traits as well.

To help you out here are the four key majors offered by criminal justice degrees across the country.

Law Enforcement:
A favorite branch of several criminal justice degrees, law enforcement is an ideal option if you are keen on working in public safety institutions such as police squads, federal agencies, fire and rescue departments. This degree will enlighten you about law and order as well as various protocols designed for the protection of citizens.

Criminology: Unlike law enforcement which emphasizes on the action, criminology is a branch of criminal justice which focuses on the psychological and social facets of a case. If you opt for this major in a criminal justice degree, then your syllabus will primarily deal with the study of psychology and sociology. So if you have an inquisitive personality with an eye for detail, then you should select criminology as your major.

Corrections: This particular major of criminal justice degrees trains you to deal with convicts while they are imprisoned. This kind of degree major can be helpful if you are considering a career as a parole officer. Correction professionals mainly function in prisons (county, state and federal). Apart from the interest in the penal system, if you have robust physical abilities and an attentive approach, then you should consider corrections as your major.

Rehabilitation and social work: Criminal justice is not all about catching offenders, but is about offering second chances too. If you wish to make a difference through your work, then you can pursue a rehabilitation as your major in a criminal justice degree. Most students who graduate as rehabilitation majors work as counselors, who guide the convicts in an appropriate direction. This prevents the convicts from committing crimes in the future. They also assist them in finding jobs so that they can lead a respectable life and transform into a responsible citizen.