4 SAS Medicated Shoes For Healthy Feet

4 SAS Medicated Shoes For Healthy Feet

Foot care is important if you are a diabetic or know someone who is. In diabetes, the reduction of blood supply to the feet causes peripheral neuropathy. The sensations in the feet are substantially reduced and you wouldn’t know if an injury has occurred. Since diabetes also causes thinning of blood, minor wounds take a long time to heal. It becomes pertinent to take care of your feet.
Diabetes should not stop you from living the way you did before. SAS shoes consider the problems that diabetics face. They have introduced special medical footwear for both men and women for maximum comfort. The medical shoes from SAS are Medicare approved and look stylish too.
If you want footwear that protects your feet but looks good too, check these options below.

Women’s Roamer – Coral
This handcrafted, beautiful moccasin comes in coral and contours itself to your feet. It is a slip-on with an ankle strap to keep the shoe snug on your feet. Made from genuine soft leather, the shoe has a cushioned insole for greater comfort.
The Roamer has a removable cooling pad inside that keeps your feet moisture free. You can walk around the whole day in this footwear without feeling any discomfort. There are nine variants available on the SAS website. Choose the one you would love to have for day to day usage.

Women’s Free Time – Bone
If you have always loved walking but couldn’t find the perfect shoes for you, choose these Free Time shoes. They come in ten color variants and are suitable for long walks without tiring your feet. A favorite of many consumers, SAS’s Free Time shoes come with Tripad cushioning for comfort. It also has a soft sole bed to absorb any shock to the feet while walking.
This is a lace up shoe which gives you the control and grip you need while walking. And the best part, these shoes are also Medicare approved!

Men’s Decksider – Old Sand
Inspired by sailors, these moccasins carry a classic look and style. With a softly cushioned in-sole and Tripad cushioning, these shoes are perfect for the summer. The shoe is handcrafted from soft, genuine leather that offers a great impact to the overall look.
The same colored lace gives the shoe a sophisticated look. You can choose from two other color variants depending on where you are going to wear them. Buy them for a stylish evening out with your friends!

Men’s JV – Black
If running is your thing, then these JVs are the perfect fit for you. Made using a combination of leather and mesh, these shoes offer a firm but gentle support. Your feet get a cushioned padding because of the use of SAS’s Tripad technology. Also, the CoolSTEP footbed keeps your feet cool and supported.
You can wear them for a long period of time and use them for a jog. These Medicare approved SAS shoes offer comfort and shock absorption for long walks.
There are many other medical options available for you to choose from. You can choose from any of the SAS shoes depending on your preferences.