5 Popular Carpet Stain Removers to Choose From

5 Popular Carpet Stain Removers to Choose From

Carpet stain removers help clean the carpets and remove any stain and spot. If you spill anything on the carpet, then you will need to clean it immediately with a carpet stain remover. A stain remover helps remove any spill or set of stains in a few minutes. There is no need for vacuuming, rinsing, or heavy scrubbing for cleaning. It just needs you to spray, wait, and blot the spot, which a very simple process. Many carpet stain removers are available in the market. Here are the 5 best carpet stain removers:

BISSELL’s Professional Power Shot Oxy – Spot and Stain Remover
This stain remover combines with oxygen ingredients and safely lightens the stains on carpets and rugs. This stain remover also removes tough odors left behind like smoke, mold, pet, mildew, and kitchen odors, and replaces them with a fresh, clean scent. It can remove stains of wine, blood, motor oil, grease, coffee, and others. It can be used effortlessly and works rapidly.

Pet Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator – Sunny and Honey Enzyme Cleaner
This stain remover can remove any spills and odor, pet marks, and unbearable odors. It can remove any type of pet odor and can leave a clean and fresh smell. It can clean floors, rugs, carpets, leather furniture, litter box, animal bedding, etc.

Triple Oxi Advanced by Resolve
This stain remover is recommended by the Good Housekeeping and Consumer Report. It can clean various stains, neutralize odors, and give a fresh smell to your carpet. It can remove the toughest stains, large spots, motor oil, dirt, grease, sauce, wine, ink, coffee spill, and many other stains. This stain remover makes your carpet softer after its use. This stain remover is safe to use around children and pets.

Platinum Collection by Hoover
This stain remover is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute and got outstanding reviews. This remover has scored better for freshness and in stain removal. It can remove grease, cosmetics, wine, spaghetti, and pet stains easily and quickly. It can also remove those stains which have dried overnight. It can be easily used and works swiftly.

Dyson Dyzolv Spot Cleaner
This stain remover has four active agents which quickly clean stains and spots and quickly dries it. It is ideal for both old and new stains, and it also works on heavy duty spills. This stain removal is best for stain resistant carpet, rugs, and even for wool.

These are some of the best carpet stain removers. You need to go through the features carefully before you purchase the one which suits your carpet needs.