6 places to get the best lab-grown diamonds

6 places to get the best lab-grown diamonds

For many reasons, lab-grown diamonds can be considered better than naturally occurring ones. For one, artificial diamonds are more reasonably-priced than their natural counterparts. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as conventional diamonds. Moreover, buyers can customize their engineered diamonds in any shape, form, or color, which is not always possible with natural diamonds. Here are some of the most sought-after and best-priced lab-grown diamonds one can buy today:

Noémie 18 Karat Gold Halo Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
Noemie’s incredible lab-grown diamond forms the crux of this gorgeous engagement ring. This ring, which contains one of the best-priced lab-grown diamonds, has a focal stone containing half a carat of pavé accent diamonds around its central design. Additionally, this product is manufactured and designed ethically (from a human rights perspective) and is environmentally sustainable.
Additionally, the ring is handset in exquisite 18-karat gold and comes with an IGI certificate for 100% authenticity. Buyers can customize this engagement ring according to their requirements.

Clean Origin Emerald Lab Created Diamond
Clean Origin is known for creating high-quality, sought-after, and some of the best-priced lab-grown diamonds available online. This stunning diamond is priced online at a super-reasonable price of $486, making it the most affordable piece on this list. This diamond features a clean, reflective polish and excellent symmetry. Its shape is classified as emerald and, like the first item on this list, comes with an authenticity-verifying IGI certification. According to Clean Origin’s official site, buyers can purchase this engineered diamond in multiple color choices, including faint yellow, light yellow, very light yellow, and two tones of varying colorlessness, among others.
Clean Origin also offers an incredible 100-day returnable policy on this diamond, meaning that customers can live with the shiny stone for more than three months and still return it if it is not up to their taste or requirements or if they spot any defect in the piece.

All prices listed in this article are dynamic.

Lyanna Engagement Ring
Miadonna’s beautiful lab-produced diamond adorns yet another scintillating engagement ring. This ring has a pear-cut stone embedded centrally on a smooth and regal metal band. Its smooth metallic surfaces make it extremely comfortable to wear and, therefore, an ideal piece of jewelry for people with more active daily lifestyles.
This ring comes with multiple stone options. Buyers can purchase it with specially-engineered, lab-made gemstones. These precious stones are identical to naturally occurring gemstones in terms of optical, physical, and chemical attributes.
Apart from that, consumers can also get this ring with lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are natural, pure carbon diamonds. Despite being identical to earth-mined diamonds in terms of chemical composition, physical features, and optically, they cost up to 40 percent less than natural diamonds. The third kind of stone this engagement ring can be bought with is a hybrid of carbon-infused diamond and a crystal-based core. This stone looks like a diamond but rates slightly lower (9.1) on the Mohs scale and may feel slightly different from wearing.

Clean Origin Round Lab Created Diamond
Clean Origin’s products are usually reasonably priced, and the $521-priced Round Lab Created Diamond is no different. This incredible piece has a depth of 62 percent and a table percentage of 57. Additionally, it is a 0.43-carat diamond with a round shape, as its name implies. As expected with Clean Origin’s products, the symmetry and polish on this diamond are exquisite.
It is an aesthetically-pleasing piece that, like the Origin Emerald Lab Created Diamond, comes with a 100-day returnable policy.

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Diamond Round Stackable Ring
The LIGHTBOX lab-grown diamond ring is one of the most beautiful and among the best-priced lab-grown diamond products out there. One can purchase this exquisite piece in white, pink, and blue. As stated earlier, getting such a diverse variety of colors in a diamond is difficult when buying naturally occurring diamonds. Additionally, this ring’s $700 price and endless options for customization make it one of the most desirable items in the lab-grown diamonds market.
The metal in this ring is made of premium 14k yellow gold, while the diamonds are cut, designed, and polished to build them into a brilliant circular shape. This ring contains 3 or 4 centrally-embedded, round, lab-grown diamonds. It has an average clarity rating of VS2, and buyers can purchase it with beautiful bezel settings.
This ring is arguably the pick of the bunch when buying one of the best-priced lab-grown diamond items on the market. Its appearance, sense of occasion, incredible value and depth, and craftsmanship are on par with the best naturally occurring diamonds one can buy.

14K White Gold Oval Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
A large percentage of diamond jewelry tends to be engagement or wedding rings. So, to round off this list comes the 14K White Gold Oval Side Stone Diamond Ring, priced at about $2,310 and can be purchased in six cool colors-14K white, yellow, and rose, and 18K white, yellow, and platinum.

Besides its attractive colors, buyers can also customize it and purchase this product in six gorgeous oval-shaped diamonds set in a shared prong arrangement. This ring’s center stone is embedded in a four-pronged basket that contains claw tips.