6 Foods that you should never feed your indoor cat

6 Foods that you should never feed your indoor cat

Every cat owner will agree to the fact that cats are adorable and intelligent too. They do know what kind of food is best for them, but may sometimes swallow food that may not go to well with their digestive system.

The best kind of food to feed your indoor cat is dry cat food. You may do all the best that you can, but will admit to the fact that feeding your cat indoor cat can leave you confused most times. Cats are picky about the food they eat and may appealingly plead while you eat. There are times when you may lovingly feed them but here are foods that are commonly dangerous for your indoor cat’s well being.

Alcohol – If you are ever in a fun mood and want to get your cat drunk too, Do Not! Alcoholic drinks have the same damage on a cat’s body as it has on a human. However, the effect is a lot worse and it takes far fewer amounts to do the gravest damage. A cat is a small creature and even a spoon of alcohol can leave your cat in a coma or with severe kidney and liver failure.

Chocolate – You may be under the impression that chocolate is a treat to your cat as much as it is to you. Chocolate is made of a bitter-tasting agent called theobromine that is found in every type of chocolate. Cats are not known to be fond of chocolate, but consumption in any way can prove fatal.

Chewy Candies – Candies are loved by most people, but can cause severe harm to your cat’s body. Swallowing a candy or gum can cause severe digestive problems. Not only this, but most candies and gums contain xylitol that acts as a sweetener. It can lead to a severe drop in blood sugar as well liver failure.

Raw Meat – Raw meat can contain bacteria that can cause an infection in your cat’s body. Besides, raw fish contains thiaminase that breaks down thiamine that is an essential B vitamin. This deficiency can lead to severe convulsions.

Dog food – Your cat does not have the same dietary needs as your dog. A dog’s body is different from that of a cat and the food is specially formulated for your dog’s needs. Cats have certain protein and vitamin needs. Dog’s food may not nourish your cat’s body as per its requirements.

Human medicines – Medicines that are prescribed for you can even lead to your cat’s death if ingested. Be alert and keep all your medicines away from the reach of your cat.

If you suspect that your cat may have consumed any of the above substances in your absence, immediately seek your vet’s advice.