7 human foods that are safe and healthy for your dogs

7 human foods that are safe and healthy for your dogs

Like humans, our furry best friends, dogs, need a balanced meal plan to help them live long and healthy lives. If you are someone who cooks meals for them daily, here are some human foods that can easily be added to their bowl for some much-needed nutrition and taste. However, always observe your pet to check if they like these foods and respond well to them. Here are some of these foods:

Our furry friends are just as much in love with veggies as us humans. While not all vegetables are good for them, you can safely give them foods like carrots, green beans, peas, and even pumpkin. These veggies are good for your pets as they are dense in nutrients and easy to digest. Pumpkins are great dogs as they are known for keeping the gut healthy and relieving any digestive issues. Green beans are known for their high protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin K nutrients that keep your furry best friend healthy. And carrots have vitamin A, beta carotene, and fiber content that keeps your dog healthy and happy.

Peanut butter
This is another extremely safe human food to feed your dog in small to moderate quantities. It contains lots of protein, heart-healthy fats, niacin, and vitamins like B and E. However, it is advised to make your peanut butter at home because it will have no additives and no added sugar or salt, which could harm your dog. Many people use this as a treat in play toys like a Kong or on a lick mat. This can be extremely helpful in mental stimulation and also keep them distracted during a grooming session that they otherwise do not enjoy as much.

Meat has got to be one of the favorite human foods for dogs. Many dogs prefer a meal of boiled chicken and rice daily instead of kibble. While the kibble has nutrients, it also has some added preservatives and unnecessary ingredients, which may not be good for your dog. This meal is carb and protein-heavy, which is also great for dogs that do a lot of physical activity throughout the day.

Amongst fish, salmon is the safest to give to your pet. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can be highly nutritious for the skin and coat. This is especially good if your dog suffers from dry skin or you stay in a dry and cold climate. This will help keep the skin hydrated from within.

This is an excellent source of lean meat for your dog. It is high in nutrients like protein, phosphorus, and also riboflavin. However, ensure that you do not season the turkey with spices or herbs. You can cook it till it’s tender and ready to eat and add it to their rice bowl or even give it as a treat separately. Whatever your dog likes.

High in protein, fatty acids, and vitamins make for a great source of nutrition for your dog. However, try to feed your dog range-free eggs as they are much more nutritious, and the chicken has likely been fed an organic diet which will reflect in the quality of eggs. Always boil the eggs before feeding them; raw eggs could be harmful.

This is not only good for humans but dogs as well. The probiotics found in yogurt are great for your furry’s digestive system. It helps them have a good gut and can also make for a good and healthy snack if your pup insists on any treats.

If you are not making meals at home for your dog, there are some healthy packaged food options by several pet brands like Royal Canin dog food, Hill’s dog food, Blue Buffalo dog food, Purina dog food, and Nutro dog food. They use quality ingredients, and you can trust them to keep your dog happy with some healthy and tasty kibble.