Benefits of buying a manufactured home

Benefits of buying a manufactured home

Manufactured homes are the preferred choice of real estate in today’s day and date. There are a number of reasons why more and more people are leaning towards these prefabricated homes which offer all the living and comforts similar to traditional housing.

Here are a few benefits listed for your reference:

Price and affordability: Probably one of the biggest reason why people are leaning more towards buying prefabricated homes. Since the building material used in manufacturing these homes are cost effective, the final price of the finished home is also very low compared to what you would end up spending on a traditional home. The average cost for a manufactured home is almost one fourth of what you might pay for a traditional home. On an average a traditional single family home will cost anywhere upwards of $250,000 whereas a manufactured home might just be in the range of $60000. The cost per square foot is also less compared to traditional housing.

Efficient construction and building process: With traditional homes which are built and managed by contractors, which sometimes might not be a very well managed process, there are a number of things which may go or may not go according to plan. More delays will eventually mean you ending up spending more than what was decided for the project. This is not the case for manufactured homes since they are pre-fabricated and assembled on the factory floor with managers and supervisors each overseeing the smooth and controlled process.

Faster delivery and results: Manufactured home as mentioned earlier are built on the factory floor and to be directly transported to the site. This is a faster process compared to traditional housing because every element in the assembly line is a strict and rigid time bound process. Production lines on factory floors are timed to the millisecond and are a very efficient process, which is also one of the reason why these homes are so economical.

Flexibility: Manufactured homes are built and assembled on a particular layout which will appeal to the design specification of the client. This gives the client room for exploring a number of options before locking in on that floor layout and paint scheme. The more you can afford to spend, the better are the options with respect to what goes into your home.

Manufactured homes are not just always your trailer park homes, which is the typical stereotype hype. In fact manufactured home communities are great places to relocate, since more and more traditional homeowners are preferring prefabricated and manufactured homes.