Booking a pet-friendly hotel – Tips and benefits

Booking a pet-friendly hotel – Tips and benefits

Today, a lot of people prefer to travel with their pets, considering the rise of pet-friendly establishments. Be it restaurants or amusement parks, four-legged companions are often welcome. But choosing the right pet-friendly accommodation is vital for a relaxing and stress-free vacation with your furry friend. If you want to book a pet-friendly hotel for your upcoming vacation but don’t know where to start, here is all you need to know:

What is a pet-friendly hotel?
Pet-friendly hotels allow you to check in and stay with your pets, which means they are allowed to access all or some common areas of the hotel. Restrictions are based on the size, breed, weight, and number of pets you bring along. This is because some hotels tend to have limited pet-friendly rooms. Further, most hotels allow dogs and cats, but some may only let in pets of up to 75–80 pounds.

Tips for booking a pet-friendly hotel
Many hotels that claim to be pet-friendly are just pet-tolerant, so they may not let you explore the grounds or enjoy the hotel amenities with your pet. So, booking a truly pet-friendly hotel is crucial. Here are a few tips to follow:

Consider the location: Location is crucial for determining whether the hotel is ideal for a vacation with pets. If the hotel is located close to a busy highway or with minimal open spaces on the property, you will not be able to walk your pet outdoors. So, choose a hotel with good outdoor space for pets to play and walk. Avoid booking a stay in busy areas and choose accommodations with plenty of greenery.

Check the amenities: When you travel with your pet, especially during winter, the weather might be unpredictable. So, book a pet-friendly hotel that has all the essentials, including coats, blankets, bedding, food, and throws. Some hotels offer free access to pet treats.

Ask about additional charges: Say you booked a pet-friendly hotel well in advance, but at the end of your stay, you find hidden charges for bringing the pet along and various pet amenities. Most hotels charge a fee for allowing pets, as the need for cleaning and the potential for damage is higher when pets stay in the room. You should confirm with the hotel staff all charges before booking a stay. Reading the fine print beforehand will also help you avoid hefty expenses at the end of your stay.

Check the flooring: Hotels would not want muddy paws on their light-colored carpets. Most pet-friendly hotels are carpet-free, making it easy for the staff to clean the space. So, a carpet-free floor might be a good indication of the hotel being genuinely pet-friendly.

Read guest reviews: Before booking a hotel, you should check guest reviews to learn about the service. Guests may leave feedback on the hotel website or third-party booking platforms regarding what they did or did not like about the hotel and the staff. You may be able to understand if the hotel is truly pet-friendly and ensure a hassle-free stay for you and your pet.

Benefits of booking pet-friendly hotels
Pet parents look for opportunities to bring their pets along. After all, a vacation becomes even more relaxing when you bring along your loved ones. Here is why you should book a pet-friendly hotel:

Convenience: The best pet-friendly hotels are close to walking trails or dog parks, making it convenient for you to take your furry friend on a walk and let them enjoy nature. Further, top hotels ensure maximum cleanliness with pets around, as they have to be more careful about the mess and damage when letting in pets. So, you can avoid worrying about hygiene when booking top-notch pet-friendly accommodation.

Companionship for pets: When you travel alone and leave your pet at home, they can feel deprived of attention and even engage in some mischief. The best way to avoid this is by traveling with pets. This way, the pet gets to enjoy spending time with you. Further, hotels that welcome pets may also keep your furry friends engaged and happy when you are busy. The hotels could have various activities in place for pets.

No additional fees: Some hotels may not usually allow pets and so, can charge a fee for bringing them along. However, pet-friendly hotels do not typically charge a fee for bringing along one pet.

Relaxation: The best part about bringing your pet during the vacation is to have a relaxing experience surrounded by nature, away from the hassles of a busy life. You can spend time with your loved ones, and your pet can enjoy being with you and exploring nature. For instance, If your destination is a hilly area, you can hike with your pet. It will allow them to be active and happy.

Bringing a pet along on vacation is no longer unusual. So, you can easily find various types of accommodation that are designed for pets and pet parents. If you are considering bringing your furry friend along on your next adventure, look up the top-rated hotels that offer all the amenities you and your pet may need.