Certified pre-owned trucks, things to know before buying

Certified pre-owned trucks, things to know before buying

Buying a pre-owned truck or any vehicle for that matter is a big commitment, financially as well as long term. With so many options available in terms of financing and models and brands to choose from, even buying a preowned vehicle can be quite the challenge.

So here are a couple of things to know before you go ahead and check out that new truck.

Make sure you pick a good certified dealer to buy the truck from. Dealerships themselves who sell their vehicles first hand also advertise makes and models of pre-owned vehicles of their brand. For example, a truck dealership which sells premium and new vehicles from their showroom, will also have a number pre-owned dealerships to promote sales.

Research the values, market as well as the current sale prices. You should have a fair idea of what is the ongoing or asking price for such vehicles and compare it with the dealerships you want to buy from. The price of a truck is generally determined by the vehicles condition, mileage, wear and tear over the years, depreciation and many other factors.

Certified pre-owned cars offered by the manufactured of that same make and model will be a better alternative as opposed to buying form local dealerships. For example, GMC motor company has both new and certified pre-owned vehicles for sale and thus it is better to buy from the manufacturer instead of a local dealer, since the manufacture’s certification holds more prominence over local dealers.

A thorough test and inspection of the truck by an expert serviceman should be done in order to certify the vehicle road safe to drive. All the major components like engine, brakes, wheels, drivetrain, chassis and other auto parts must be certified A-Okay before a deal can be made. Take the vehicle for a test drive, if possible with someone who knows what he is doing to find out exactly how much work has been done on the truck and how much further work is needed.

The trucks will have a vehicle repair and maintenance history, make sure you obtain the same from the dealership. Check if the truck has all the necessary paperwork, check the necessary warranties and any additional warranties you might want to opt for before signing the lease or buying the truck.

The most important thing to know is that you should never hesitate to bargain and haggle on the price, be it a tooth brush or truck! The price is always negotiable, you just have to find a way to do so.