Choosing the best Parka from Canada Goose

Choosing the best Parka from Canada Goose

As an individual craving to purchase the best Canada Goose Parka, you must have been thinking which size and style will give you the best fit. It is an important question whose answer depends on multiple factors. Everyone has a personal preference. However, your body size plays an important role in determining which parka from Canada Goose will fit you best. In general, Canada Goose makes their jackets in three fits: slim, regular and relaxed. You need to know more about each of these types.

Slim Fit
These Canada Goose parkas will have a tighter fit than the regular clothing you wear. If you like clothes which hug your body, this one is right for you. In case you cannot decide between two sizes, get the larger one.

Regular Fit
This size of jackets offers a pretty average fit which can be looser than most winter clothes. If you want jackets sitting close to your body, you should avoid this size. This is because ordering a size smaller may land you to a jacket with shorter sleeves.

Relaxed Fit
These type of jackets are very loose. In fact, calling them relaxed is an understatement. This type of Canada Goose parkas has extra room for additional garments underneath. Anyone who has ever lived in below freezing temperatures will tell you that it is a necessity to layer up. The next time you travel to sub-zero temperatures, keep in mind that you will need extra room for layers of clothing. This fit of the Canada Goose parka is meant for that purpose. Even though it is extremely loose, The jacket is constructed correctly for the body size indicated on the tag. In case you are in a dilemma between two sizes, opt for the smaller one. However, if you are want to move down several sizes, you should try the regular fit instead to get the shape you want.

The Popularity Of The Canada Goose Parka
In recent years, the Canada Goose parka has been selling like hotcakes. A stylish built, fur-lined hood, eye-catching logo patch, and innumerable celebrity endorsements have all contributed to their success. It is regarded as the warmest coat in the world and costs around $800 per piece. Though most people dread the price point, the sales of Canada Goose have increased from $5 million to $200 million in the past 12 years. Canada Goose has everything to allure you into buying a stylish, well -built parka. It will keep you warm while the weather outside is fiercely cold.

They are not just any other trends of our time. Rather they are timeless and highly functional. Even though you may own numerous jackets, the parka from Canada Goose is something that you will cherish all through your life.