Different treatments to cure trigger finger

Different treatments to cure trigger finger

Trigger finger occurs when there is an inflammation or swelling in tendons of fingers and the same thing happens to the tendons of thumb, it’s called trigger thumb. This condition can cause mild discomfort or can be painful depending on what caused it.

Some causes of a trigger finger could be due to arthritis problem. There is no definite cause of a trigger finger, however, it can occur when someone has a gout, rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. When there is a strong and repeated gripping, it can cause the trigger finger to occur.
There are symptoms when this problem occurs and to know how to cure trigger finger, here are the symptoms you should know about:
– Discomfort at the base of the fingers or thumb
– The sensitive base area of fingers and thumb can cause pain the minute there is an internal problem
– Popping of the fingers or thumb
– Catching feeling in the area
– Finger movements are limited

If you want to know how to cure trigger finger, here are some treatments you should know about:

– Medication: There are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines that can be taken when one has trigger finger condition. Ibuprofen is one such type and so is naproxen. These medicines can relieve the pain but might not be too effecting when it comes to cure the swelling.

– Therapy: There are physical therapies you can practice when you have to cure trigger finger. Therapy includes resting where you do not need to move your move your hands much and let them rest as much as possible. You can apply ice or heat pack to the affected area to cure trigger finger. You can also wear a splint to rest out the finger or thumb as it gives rest to the tendons and limits your inevitable movements especially while you are asleep. Then there are exercises in therapy that you can do to maintain mobility in your fingers. There are exercises that can help you ease the pain and treat trigger finger better.

– Surgeries and other medical procedure: Surgeries are usually the last option and in most cases, it doesn’t come to that. But there can be times when the problem needs to be fixed with the help of a surgery because of ineffective therapies and other treatments. Surgery is also done when the problem remains for longer than it should. There is an injection that is given near or into the tendon to reduce inflammation.