Essential CMS and CRM software to grow businesses

Essential CMS and CRM software to grow businesses

Business owners indefinitely look for ways to outrun the competition with the content on their websites. A CMS (content management system) software helps create, manage, and update these websites regularly. It also acts as a foundation for an online presence. For those in search of a viable cloud-based CMS software, here are three efficient options.

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress allows a business to create a feature-packed blog or website. The website can consist of videos, images, written content, or other things suitable for a business. It offers users full access to their theme store, unlimited storage space, and a custom domain at cost-effective prices.

The cloud-based CMS software works best for businesses that require websites to execute any task. Magnolia allows the integration of e-commerce, analytic, social media, marketing automation, ERP, and even CRM. One can always add in these features as the business evolves.

Weebly is a CMS that is easy to use and allows respective businesses to set up a simple website within minutes. It also sports a drag-and-drop format that enables its users to add or remove media and features to their website with ease.

What’s noteworthy is that CMS is not the same as CRM (customer relation management). However, the two can complement each other. CRM software allows businesses to improve sales and monitor customer relationships, among other features. Here are three cost-effective CRM software to pick from.

Zoho CRM
Zoho enables users to get a 360-degree view of their business. It also allows them to track essential sales and marketing opportunities while increasing their conversion rate. The platform is host to over 150,000 customers globally. Further, the software has stellar features, including an AI-powered sales assistant, price and quote generation, and process management.

Nimble, simple by its digital nature, can function within the G-Suite inbox or Office 365. Through Nimble, a business can update their contacts, even manage deals with the workflow. They can also access company and contact insights easily. There’s a useful feature that reminds the users of any pre-planned schedules.

The sales-oriented CRM utilizes AI to manage new leads, sales and automate recurring tasks. Pipedrive supports over 90,000 customers and has served as a medium for the safe passage of over $24 billion in deals. The software allows a business to organize and create custom stages by rep or team member. An individual can also integrate the software with their smartphone to increase sales with the help of an app.