Find affordable cell phone plans

Find affordable cell phone plans

If you have been looking for some of the best and cheapest cell phone services and plans, read ahead to find out the best plans that can be availed. Whether it is T-mobile, Sprint or Republic Wireless, each of these service providers offers the best and cheap cell phone plans. Below are some of the most popular plans that offer affordable phone services.

Most attractive prepaid plans
Republic Wireless and Ting are the best options if your data requirements are just minimal.

  • Ting
    Priced at just about $15 for a month, Ting offers you unlimited talk time, texts and unlimited data usage. Remember that there are separate bills for minutes, texting, and data.
  • Republic Wireless
    This carrier, on the other hand, has an attractive offer which includes 1GB data with unlimited talk time and messaging for a whole month.

    Economical Post-Paid Plans
    Conventional plans are normally costlier compared to prepaid plans but they do have some plus points too. The most popular plans are offered by US Cellular and Sprint phone services.
  • Sprint
    With a rate as low as $45 per month, Sprint offers you 2GB data along with unlimited texting and talk time. The plan comes with a $40 of auto play discount too. Although no extra charges will be levied if your data crosses the limit of 2GB, you find the speeds getting slower once the limit is crossed during the remaining period of your billing cycle.
  • US Cellular
    Priced at around $55 per month, this phone service offers you 2GB data along with text messages and talk time that is unlimited. With operations in around 23 states, this telephone service provides you with nationwide coverage.

Other phone services that offer you comparatively economical plans are Verizon and AT&T. The Verizon plan is priced at around $55 for 2GB data, unlimited talk time and messaging as well. AT&T offers a plan of $50 for 1GB data.

Economical plans with no data
On the other hand, if your idea is to find a cheap phone service with no data, TracFone is one of the cheapest telephone services that you could opt for. With rates as low as $9.99 for fifty messages and minutes, this is a steal deal for you.
You could also try out Ting which is priced at $12 for 100 texts and minutes.