Five things every BBQ grill needs to have

Five things every BBQ grill needs to have

Is this your first experience with outdoor grilling? If so, then here are some essential items you will need to have with you to make your first cookout with BBQ grills a hit.

Naturally, a grill
Of course, what’s an outdoor barbeque party without an actual grill? There are loads of models in the market for you to choose from. However, take the size, ease of operation, and ventilation into account when you buy a grill. When it comes to size, a large grilling surface as offered by Weber gas grills is desirable while a separate rack for coals is an added advantage. Also look for a grill that has all the features you want at the price range that you prefer.

Chimney starter
In addition to getting your first Weber gas grill, you will need to invest in a chimney starter. Although lighter fluid is still being used for grills, it tends to make the coal smell like gasoline and, in the process, make your food smell and taste odd. A chimney starter, on the other hand, is more efficient to handle and is a faster, cleaner, and greener alternative that can have your grill going full flame in less than 20 minutes.

Long-handled tongs
Invested in a Kamado grill? Awesome! Now put aside some money for a pair of long-handled tongs that keep your hands away from the blazing inferno when flipping skewers. Look for sturdy, well-constructed tongs that are easy and firm to grip, as lightweight ones are no good when handing large pieces of meat.

Grill brush
Another essential piece of equipment you need to buy along with a big green egg grill is a grill brush. This will keep your grill clean and offer even cooking without veggies and fishes sticking to the grills.

Instant read thermometer
This is a must if you plan to invest in broil king grills. Although expensive, the instant thermometer will let you know when the meat is cooked perfectly, without you having to poke holes in it from time to time.