Get Yourself the Best Traeger Grill Model

Get Yourself the Best Traeger Grill Model

Are you a fan of smoked, grilled, barbequed, and roasted food? Then you can definitely consider making a Traeger Grill part of your kitchen. Traeger is one of the most popular companies for kitchenware and their range of grills are sure to add the distinct well-smoked flavor to your food. Following are some of the best Traeger Grill models that you can consider purchasing

  • Timberline 1300 Pellett Grill
    The Timberline 1300 Pellett Grill is the most popular Traeger Grill. You can use features such as the Super Smoke mode and the in-built TRU Convection system to make your food even tastier. The grill maintains just the perfect temperature, which goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use the controller to navigate your way through the process to get precision grilling.
  • Pro Series 34 Pellett Grill
    Available in bronze and blue color variants, this particular Traeger Grill is priced at around $999.99. It also comes with wheels, making it quite easy to use outdoors. Additionally, the Advanced Grilling Logic feature helps to maintain a proper temperature for optimal grilling. All you need to become a grilling pro is this model and you can get your favorite food smoking in no time.
  • Ranger Pellett Grill
    While the wood-fired flavor that this particular model of grill offers is amazing it, the Ranger Pellet grill offers great portability too. Whenever you want to go for a picnic with your family, you can simply pack it up and grill all your favorite food on holidays. You can enjoy your food in the woods or in the outdoors without much of a hassle. Another distinct feature is the Keep Warm feature, which ensures your food stays warm and of the same quality until you’re ready to eat it.
  • Tailgater Pellett Griller
    Do you want the conventional package, which is portable? Then the Tailgater Pellett Griller is completely worth it. It comes in three different colors and weighs only around 62 pounds. The EZ-Fold legs make it much easier for you to fold the grill and carry it around. It also comes at an affordable price of around $449.99, making it quite a steal.

There are plenty of other Traeger Grill models that would fit your varied requirements. There is a grill for every budget and the prices start at around $299.99, going up to $9,855. However, the higher-priced models are mainly for commercial use.