Gillette men’s shaving products, pricing, and review

Gillette men’s shaving products, pricing, and review

As a boy, you might have longed for whiskers to start growing on your face. Little did you know that these would eventually cover up the major portion of the face and to shave them regularly, most of the times in a hurry would be such an irritating task!

Putting up a blade every day to your face is not always an easy job as every time you need to shave fast enough so that you don’t get late for your work. It is pretty much a fact that men’s skin is as delicate as that of women’s and thus a man’s skin is pretty easily irritated by constant shaving.

Men visiting the local store to find a solution for their irritated skin, and returning empty-handed is an old story. The skin care products market that was once dominated by women’s skin care solutions now offers plenty of choices for men as well. Gillette, the forerunner in this field for a very long time, has been providing shaving products, and with the Gillette razor coupons available, you can own these amazing products at affordable prices.

Get the perfect shave every time with Gillette’s wide range of men’s shaving products:

Established in the year of 1901, the brand has been the most trustworthy name in the field of shaving and skin care products for over a decade. The brand manufactures a wide range of products which are divided into the subcategories: face razors, body razors, replacement blades and pre & post shave blades. The new and highly advanced razor variants have ushered in a new shaving experience. There is a wide range of coupons for shaving razors available on the internet as well and this makes using the Gillette razor coupons all the easier.


The Gillette Fusion5 Proshield Razor with Flexball Technology provides lubrication before and after blades saving your skin from irritation. The Proshield technology allows a much less tug & pull experience while shaving, and along with the Flexball technology, the blades virtually reach every hair off your face. Available at an amazing $7.99-$15.99 they are one of the most advanced shaving razors available out there in the market.

The ProGlide series available at the price range of $17.99-$53.99 is equipped with five of the finest precision blades that reduce the pressure on the skin giving you the perfect shaving experience. And the Mach3 Turbo series features three antifriction coated blades that provide a sharper and turbo cutting experience. They are available within $6.99-$9.99.

Other shaving products

The Gillette pre & post shave products include after shave lotions, foams, shave gels and after-shave gels. The Gillette after shave skin lotion available at $2.12 provides relief to the just-shaved skin with a soothing formula enriched with the goodness of glycerine. The Foamy Shave Foam provides scented lather every time that spreads easily and rinses clean and is available at just 1.69-$2.79. The Comfort Glide Formula helps you get the perfect shave every time.

Save a bit of your pocket pinch every time you shop online:

The Gillette razor coupons available on the online shopping website would fetch you a $3 discount off on your first purchase. The coupons help you save a bit every time you shop online. Get $1 off on one Gillette System Razor, one Gillette disposable razor and $3 off on two Gillette disposable razor packs with the Gillette razor coupons.

Now, with Gillette, the everyday chore is no more a difficult task. Also, always keep an eye out for the other innumerable pocket saving coupons that make your online Gillette shopping experience lucrative!