Here’s why you must choose a Sony 4K Bravia

Here’s why you must choose a Sony 4K Bravia

In this revolutionizing world of technologies, it becomes very difficult to select a perfect TV for your home. Amidst all the functions and features that every brand is offering, it becomes confusing what should you select. But, if you still don’t know which TV will be perfect for your home, you may have a look at the Sony Bravia collection. This collection is perfect for every home and has all the reasons to be among the best smart TVs.

Here are some main reasons why you should choose a Sony 4K Bravia over all the other TVs in the market.

  • Stunning contrast

Controlling the backlight effectively means having good contrast on your TV. And no other brand is that efficient in controlling the backlight than Sony. For instance, the Sony 4K TV XD93 has new slim backlight drive system that offers localized light control than any other edge.

  • HDR playback

After the arrival of high dynamic range technology, better pixels are coming on our way. These Sony 4K TVs are optimized to give the very best quality of pictures.

  • TRILUMINOS display

TRILUMINOS technology is a combination of processing wide color phosphors to offer much more vivid colors than any normal TV can offer. All TVs by Sony in 2016 came with the TRILUMINOS display technology.

  • Android TV

Sony 4K TVs are offering an Android platform in almost all of the models. With this, a TV is perfectly able to deliver a smart experience. There are thousands of apps and games to choose from including Amazon, Netflix, and much more. The TVs also offer voice search support.

  • Better by design

The designs of the TVs are undergoing massive changes. The screens are getting bigger and frames are getting slimmer. Because of all these changes, people want TVs that are not only highly functional but also look gorgeous and stylish. And these Bravia Sony 4K TVs are perfect examples of beautifully designed smart TVs.

  • YouView

Nothing makes us happier than catching up on the shows we missed. YouView is an application that allows you to watch the shows you have missed in the past seven days.

It is not an easy task to find all the functions in a 4K TV. But Sony has offered almost all the important functions that you ever need.