How to choose a phone system for your business

How to choose a phone system for your business

For small businesses, it is crucial to identify the right phone system to implement in your offices. There are umpteen manufacturers and service providers in the telephone and Internet bundles for a small business to choose from. A small business phone and Internet bundle is a service that is comparable to other providers when you are looking for a phone and data service. The below-mentioned providers are the shortlisted top companies for small business phone plans. You can even find out local deals that are private companies and have better deals. These companies that are picked are compared nationally and are not based on particular areas.

8 x 8
Their benefits, coverage area, savings are all highly rated. This, being one of the best small business phone systems, is a great pick with affordable features. They boast about 99.97% of uptime, which means customers can rely on their range and online data services. There is no assembly required. A phone is connected via Ethernet and it’s a plugin through an 8 x 8 router. They take care of all maintenance and upgrades hence no customer support calls required.

Ooma Office
This is a low-cost and excellent customer service company. The monthly pay is as low as around $9.99 and you get the best service, though you may not receive all the extended features like other suppliers. You can choose from the two options of traditional or virtual small business phone plan. The drawback is it can support only 20 employees, but it is the only cheap plan at this rate.

One of the best virtual small business phone system. They have many features at a price of just around $9.99 per month. If you have a small team, you can use this service for connecting with your mobile devices or even the personal landline numbers. They are very easy to connect as well. Customer satisfaction is the main core for them.

ShoreTel Connect
Call center businesses can make use of ShoreTel, which works great as a small business telephone solution or a small office telephone. This requires a technician to set up because the traditional system is indeed connected virtually as well. They have a built-in fail-safe option as well that acts independent and switches the landlines when that doesn’t work. ShoreTel has a cloud-based system that is fail safe and it is easy to deploy once taken out of the box. The cloud-based system acts as a technician to take care of the traditional system.