How to choose the perfect outerwear

How to choose the perfect outerwear

Winter season is coming and soon Jack Frost will be nibbling on our fingers. You may find yourself splurging money, or buying the wrong clothes occasionally; that’s okay. You might want to consider an insulated overcoat instead of a jacket if you find the mid layers not cutting it. Take into consideration the insulation type and the features enlisted in the jacket before buying it. The weight of the jacket and the shell materials are important too.

Hoods, adjustments, vents, pockets and powder skirts add bang to your buck. Is the jacket designed to handle your level of activity and also to deal with blizzards?

Types of insulation for outwear
Basically, there are three types of insulation features for outerwear – down, water-resistant down, and synthetic insulation.

Down: Mother Nature’s best insulator, down comes from the feathers of ducks and geese. Lightweight and warm, they pack flat, perfect for hiking. However, down dries slowly and won’t insulate when damp. It’s unsuitable for moist environments and can’t handle water. You can determine the quality of down by looking at its fill power. 450 to 900 is a good fill power range.

Water-resistant down: Think down, except with polymerized treatment. Can handle damp surfaces and moisture better than it’s raw product.

Synthetic insulation: Fibers made up of compressible water repellents, synthetic insulation gives you the best of both worlds. Some jackets come with a combination of synthetics and downs. Synthetics work best when the jacket is wet. They help in drying the jacket super fast.

How to choose the right outerwear: Looking for detailed designs and well-established features is a good starting point towards finding the right outerwear. Look for waterproof construction since water can affect the insulating framework inbuilt in the jacket. Taped seams with waterproof fabric provided with jackets is a good sign. Coupling a hood together with your jacket can ensure you stay super-cozy. You can pair your jacket with a good hat and some active-wear sneakers. Look out for coach sale discounts or any clearance sales in malls. Buying a jacket through a coach outlet sale can help you to try it out before you buy it, thus ensuring you get the best fit. Look for additional adjustment features in your jacket as well such as cuffs, pocket zippers, and drawcords.

Pocket features make the jacket more versatile, and along with vents, they can make your jacket more suited to your needs. See how many compartments you receive with your jacket and what sort of accessories, or how much you can fit into the pockets. Striking a good balance between features and functionality is key to buying good outerwear.