How to make the most basic breads

How to make the most basic breads

Don’t you just love the aroma of a freshly baked bread! It’s divine and captivating. And baking your own bread just elevates the overall eating experience. The best part of baking a bread is that once you try it, you wouldn’t want to buy bread from a bakery or a store.

If you happen to be a frequent baker or planning to be one, you should always have basic ingredients in your kitchen like flour, yeast, baking soda, eggs, oil, salt, sugar, dairy products (cream, butter, milk, etc.), herbs, different kinds of flavors and extracts to add in as well as spices. Here are a few basic kinds of breads you can easily bake at home which will make your meals a little more thrilling.

White bread
The white bread is the most basic kind that is eaten in almost every household. Whether you want to fix a quick turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich, white bread is a perfect choice. To prepare this spongy loaf with grainy golden crust all you need is some warm water, sugar, dry active yeast, butter or oil and salt. All the amounts in these ingredients can be customized according to your personal liking. Generally, the whole process of preparing the dough and baking takes around 2 hour and half hours.

Brown bread
If you’re a health geek then whole wheat bread (brown bread) is an appropriate option for you. The grains used in this kind of bread have the germ and the bran intact, that means it has all the required essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins and fiber. Brown bread is made with a combination of the whole-wheat flour and a small portion of white flour, apart from the common ingredients you can use honey as an alternative for sugar. Using different kinds of seeds and nuts is also a good idea for giving your brown bread a lovely texture.

Multi grain bread
Like the name suggests has two or more different kinds of grains like barley, oats, wheat, flax etc. along with edible seeds like quinoa, sunflower and pumpkin. Preparing multigrain breads can almost take 4 hours or more so make sure you have enough time in your hands before serving.

French baguettes
You can also try baking some beautiful French baguettes, which might look a little complex to master but once you get a hang of it, there’s no stopping. It uses the most basic elements of a normal white bread, you can incorporate other flavors if you want to. The only part you need to take care of is the shape and the texture. Make sure that the baguette is shaped properly, that is it should be round in the middle and tapered at the ends. The consistency on the other hand should be as such that post baking, it’s crispy golden on the outside and moist on the inside.

You can also try baking breads by including a myriad of fresh flavors of fruits and nuts adding that extra sweetness and tanginess. These additional flavors are ideal during special occasions and holiday seasons.