Knowing the basics of B&M Furniture

Knowing the basics of B&M Furniture

Since generations, England has been a prime market for garden furniture. With its picturesque landscape and pristine scenes and the extreme weather conditions, this is a perfect spot where, if you have a home, it’s almost a must to have a garden area and a beautiful patio area for siestas, lunches, get togethers and outdoor relaxation. One of the foremost names in garden furniture is that of B&M.

Formed in the year 1978, B&M, an apparent new comer to the English furniture scene, has become an exciting addition to all ready booming industry. Spanning over five hundred outlets in the country and employing an approximate number of twenty thousand, this company has sure made an impact on the business front and also in the grade of quality their products are manufactured.

Their website proudly confirms a footfall of three million satisfied customers each week. The calculation, itself confirms the craze worthy products B&M manufactures.

This company has its foot prints laid out in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Since the start of the company, it has always aimed at covering maximum amount of furniture categories and B&M has been known to house design labs, one of the best in the region, to allow efficient designing of new age structures and styles.

From all the endeavors B&M has embarked on, it has left specific impact on the category of gardening and patio furniture. Apart from bringing in trend setting design teams, they have also revolutionized the way certain materials are applied to design. In the wide variety of garden pieces spread over their catalogue, there are beautiful examples of rocker chairs made from processed wood and compressed iron. One can find a classic day bed with a hood, designed in the Venetian style. Hailing ideas for the same frame of design, a Venetian rattan patio set is perfect addition to lush green space and a mildly shaded umbrella just makes it an oasis planned in heaven.

Apart from the B&M garden furniture, the company also has a collection of solar lighting options which at night is an integral part of the patio setting. Having options which are eco-friendly puts the company a step ahead it’s counter parts who don’t consider energy saving options a priority.

The website for the company also showcases a range of intricately made fire pits or chimineas. On a chilly evening, nothing beats perfection more than a round of friends, good music and burning fire to keep everyone warm.