Pay less when you eat out

Pay less when you eat out

Eating out has become one of the most popular social activity. With Instagram, the number of food bloggers has grown by leaps and bounds. The delectable photos of food and sumptuous food reviews on social media fill our commuting and free hours a day in and day out. All of us wants to take delightful food photos and post it on out Snapchat and Instagram stories. After, everyone wants to join the bandwagon.

However, eating at the trendiest restaurant or the hippest cafe has the potential to burn a hole on your fancy jeans pocket. The prices on restaurant menus sometimes tend to get eye-popping reactions, albeit internally. (You do not want your date or friends to think you are on a tight budget or worse that you are a cheapskate). Or perhaps you are like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S who just likes to eat a lot, but does not have the means to order the big shrimp basket off the menu.

If you are hard on cash but have to dine out start looking for restaurant coupons that offer discounts. There are many apps and websites from where you can avail free coupons that give you good discounts on your total bill. Such coupons usually have offers on buffet meals. Weekdays, especially in the afternoons, restaurants usually have a lean period. They no have many patrons walking in. Politely ask your server, whether they would be willing to give you discount off the menu prices after your meals. You would be surprised to know, many will willingly reduce your total bill or perhaps give you vouchers or coupons for your next restaurant visit.

If you are an active food blogger with a substantial number of followers, you are treated as an influence in the food and dining industry. Even if you do not recognize yourself as a food blogger, you can start out by posting photos of food and giving reviews on rating website. In either case (whether you are hard-core food blogger or just randomly talk about food on your social media accounts) restaurants that are newly-launched might invite you to check out their food and ambiance in turn for a review of their place. Or they might even contact you to send across free coupons so that you can experience their food and other services. Thanks to social media, eating out has become easier on the pocket for many of us!