Popular Moncler Jackets for summer

Popular Moncler Jackets for summer

Moncler is popular for stylisg clothing that is both functional and stylish. The brand was first established in 1952 in France and now operates from Italy. known for its down feather jackets and outerwear, Moncler has progressed over time. From creating jackets for mountaineers to high-end fashion, Moncler has a niche market.
You can now find shoes, bags and other accessories to go with beautiful Moncler jackets. You can shop for kids and give them a style makeover. It’s thus no surprise that Moncler has launched its spring-summer collection, and it’s excellent.

The website offers eclectic designs for both men and women. You can also see the category for cooler weather as well as casual wear. Sort through the subtle yet high performing jackets to choose the ones you can wear this summer!

Saturne Reversible Field Jacket (For Men)
A jacket made for sun, wind, and rain, the Saturne reversible jacket is functional and stylish. The outer side comes with camouflage print while the inner is plain with bandanna design.

Made of 100% Cotton and polyamide material, this reversible jacket keeps you prepared for anything. Pair it up with denim trousers and Chucks for a casual yet cool look. You can also wear this jacket in the slightly chilly weather for warmth.

Lamy Bomber Jacket (For Men)
This tropical print Lamy jacket is all for all seasons. It features a front zipper, elastic waist and wrist bands – perfect against the elements. The pattern is casual and the jacket is made from nylon, which provides durability.

You can pair this up with a Moncler summer T-shirt and khaki pants for that laid back summer look. You can also choose similarly patterned shorts available on the website. You can be versatile and comfortable with Moncler jackets.

Comte Jacket (For Women)
Feel sleek with this Teflon nylon silk jacket that carries an East- inspired orchid pattern. It comes with a front zipper and drawstring hoodie. You can wear it to brave both heat and chill. Pair it up with cotton shorts and lace shoes for a day look.

Wear trousers and closed shoes with Comte jacket for a cooler day. What’s more? This jacket not only looks stylish, it’s also water repellent! So go out and have fun in rain or sun!

Istres Jacket (For Women)
This flirty nylon jacket with flared hemline is ideal for a date night. It comes with a ribbed collar, front zipper, and side pockets. This Moncler jacket is feminine and has stripes with lace motif. You can pair it up with a pencil skirt and open toed sandals for a summer evening.

You can also wear it with a formal skirt and shirt for a dressier look. Choose and make your own style statement with this beautiful jacket.