Popular women’s performance shoes from Skechers

Popular women’s performance shoes from Skechers

Skechers started as a utilitarian footwear brand that has expanded unbelievably. It now offers many styles of comfortable yet fashionable athletic, and casual shoes.

One of the best rated athletic footwear houses, Skechers, specializes in performance shoes. While most women’s Skechers are popular for being uniquely styled, and ultra-comfortable, Skechers offers several varieties of shoes that also improve performance. Check out some of the popular performance shoes that Skechers has to offer.

Skechers GO run 5
This amazing women’s Skechers is available in nine playful colors and is a hot favorite among runners due to its featherlight weight, cushiony interiors, and sturdy soles. The best part about the shoe is its unique breathable quality, and supportive uppers. The shoe is fit for runners with high or medium arches as it provides great arch support on off road, light gravel bath, and rough terrains.

Skechers GO Run Ride 5
One of the best parts about these women’s Skechers is the range of colors they come in. You get to pick from 20 attractive colors, and prints. The shoe is especially popular among fitness enthusiasts for its comfortable construction, light weight, stable arch support, and sturdy traction. Despite being super comfortable, this shoe may not be the best fit for people with wide toes. People who wish to buy wide fit shoes can browse through several women’s Skechers.

Skechers GOmeb Speed 3
This shoe is a great option for people who need to enhance their speed, and performance or track sessions. The shoe is quite versatile and can be used by people with all kinds of foot sizes, and types. Many experts found the shoe to be roomy enough for a snug fit. What’s more, when it comes to color, and design the shoe comes in 17 happy combinations to choose from. The shoe also has a strong grip and a sturdy mid-sole that helps runners an enhanced push off.

Skechers GO trail Ultra 4
This shoe with cushioned foot bed and the maximalist sole is most appropriate for everyday runs, races, interval training, fartlek, etc. The shoe comes in 8 great colors that look extremely attractive and inspiring. Another great quality about the shoe is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price despite the smart mid-sole and responsive upper.

Skechers GO run 400
This variety of women’s Skechers is a winner when it comes to colors. These come in 46 splendid combinations to suit every mood. The shoe has perforated vents that offer great comfort, and ventilation. If you are looking for a budget-friendly performance shoe, GO run 400 can be your best bet.