Preorder and trade-in deals of iPhone 12 Pro explained

Preorder and trade-in deals of iPhone 12 Pro explained

The latest iPhone 12 Pro with 5G connectivity will be available to preorder from October 16. If you are a customer of Verizon, At&T, or T-Mobile, here are some crazy new deals and trade-ins that will help you save big while buying the iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhone 12 Pro is priced at $999 for 128gb, but if you are a new or existing AT&T customer, you can get it at an installment of $6.64 per month. It is a 30-month installment plan, which can get you up to $800-bill credits if you trade-in your iPhone 8 in its working condition. If you own an older model, you can get up to $350 in bill credits (for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus). The catch here is you have to opt for its recent unlimited plans called Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, or Unlimited Elite, which give you access to 5G connectivity.


Existing Verizon customers can get the iPhone 12 Pro at an installment of $23.29 per month for 24 months if they trade-in with “selected” phones. The catch here is that for the first 1-2 months, you have to pay $54.7 per month, and afterward you will receive $31.41-bill credits. You will also need to opt for the new premium data plans that offer unlimited 5G data. For new customers, the monthly installment goes down to $18.70 per month for 2 years, but the concept of paying extra for the first 1-2 months applies in this case too. If you wish to trade-in your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, you will get $250 off. For higher models, the trade-in value goes up to $350-$500.

T-Mobile and Sprint

You can buy the latest iPhone 12 Pro for as low as $499 if you are a customer of T-Mobile or Sprint. The monthly installment starts from $20.79 for 24 months with 0% APR. The catch here is that you have to trade-in with your iPhone 11 Pro Max, which should be in working condition. You get a 3% additional daily cash up-front in your Apple Card. If you opt for the “paying in full” option, you have to cough up the entire $999 up-front. It is only afterward that they will credit the trade-in amount. For lower models, the trade-in value is the same as that of Verizon and AT&T.