Protect your smartphone like a soldier!

Protect your smartphone like a soldier!

Is your smartphone delicate and seems to crack with a single glance? Then it’s time to invest in a smartphone case that can save you from having to replace yet another screen.

Whether your phone gets dropped, splashed, or slips from your hand, you can rest assured we have got a solution.

Types Of Cases

If you want a basic level of protection that feels like as if it’s almost not there, choose a smartphone case made of silicon, or one with a metal frame. Affordable prices, personalized designs and basic protection in a nutshell. They usually don’t cover the touchscreen, so you can pick a tempered glass cover to go along with them.

Leather and synthetic leather choices are great too if you are aiming for a mix of style and a basic protection level. Leather cases offer protection and style. These are great for gym environments, shopping or for general everyday use.

Body Armor
The second kind of material you can look for which offers an advanced level of protection, is body armor aluminum cases. These sandwich the phone between a front and a back panel and offer all-round protection. Tough as nails and survives even the harshest weather conditions making them as strong as a rock. Water-resistant, dust-proof and they come with anti-shock protection.

Waterproof cases are great for if you work in a wet environment. Your smartphone will thank you for it. Some water cases come snowproof, shockproof, dirt proof and waterproof. How cool is that?

There are various types of cases, besides taking the material type into consideration.

Rugged cases can give your phone a rugged look and provide optimum coverage. Here, the protection matters more than function. They cover your buttons and touchscreens and make your phone harder to use and stay more protected. However these types of covers are perfect if you lead an active lifestyle, or work as a trades-person.

Tough cases protect your phone and make them drop-proof. Military certification tough cases are the industry standard. The good news is that they come with designer features and take aesthetics into consideration. If you love visual appeal and protection – you can get both.

Battery cases offer extra mileage to your phone battery. They improve your phone’s battery endurance and can make it last longer by up to 12 hours or more. Pretty handy to get when you’re missing the charger. They are pretty bulky too however.

Designer cases offer basic protection but tons of creativity. If you prefer style over protection, these can be great. These feature multiple variants of color, textures, patterns and stylistic choices. Some brands let you design your over own designer case so if you’re an artist, you can personalize your phone to the maximum!