Redefining performance with diesel pickup trucks from Ford

Redefining performance with diesel pickup trucks from Ford

Versatility in performance and style are the key additives of Ford which makes it unique in the true sense. Innovation in style and designing has taken Ford a step ahead of its rivals when it comes to choosing your new diesel pickup truck.

2017 F-150
Winner of multiple pickup truck awards, F-150 has virtually redefined the way diesel pickup trucks have been seen over the years. The torque is best in the class for any V6 engine which affects the acceleration of the vehicle. F-150 also has three overdrive gears which eventually help in improving the fuel efficiency, a vital factor which contributes towards the success of any business venture.

F-150 diesel pickup truck is also equipped with cross-traffic alert which can detect a vehicle passing behind you. This helps when you are taking your diesel pickup truck out from a parking lot and heading to deliver any goods.

Ford Super Duty
Ford Super Duty is a diesel pickup truck which is designed with the idea of keeping your safety paramount. It has a cross traffic alert, lane keeping alert, adaptive cruise control and collision warning.

It might happen that you get exhausted while driving back after delivering supplies in your diesel pickup truck. Ford Super Duty takes care of your recreation needs and is equipped with capacitive touch screen features through which you can give real world commands. Moreover, you will be able to find your favorite restaurant also by entering destinations you aspire to look for.

All these diesel pickup trucks have been competitively priced and start from $32,535 going up to $37,920 depending upon the features and facilities available.

2018 F-150
2018 F-150 comes with an aluminum alloy body which is made from high strength aluminum alloy. This makes it a viable proposition as you might have to tread through rough terrain while delivering goods or undertaking any professional task. Its twin turbo V6 engine comes with direct injection technology which gives this diesel pickup truck unmatched power.

Watch your professional fortunes reach a new high and be a step ahead of your competitors. Just choose a viable diesel pickup truck and progress ahead of the competition.