Restaurants in the US that serve old fashioned recipes

Restaurants in the US that serve old fashioned recipes

When it comes to comfort food, everybody likes to try something new every once a while. Old fashioned recipes have their own taste. They are simple and focus less on the presentation and more on taste that makes them more appetizing. There are restaurants across the countries that are known for their old-fashioned recipes.

If you are searching for restaurants that serve comfort foods the old-fashioned way, then here is a list of restaurants that you should definitely give a try.

  • Bluebird diner, Iowa city, Iowa
    Bluebird Diner from Iowa is known for their cross cultural collision. If you are at or around Iowa, pay a visit to the restaurant as they are known for their old fashioned recipes of chilli verde, smoked pork, over-easy eggs, hash browns and parmesan polenta. Bluebird Diner includes the name of local partners they used to get their food.
  • The Breakfast club Georgia
    This restaurant has been known to serve omelets outside Savanah since 1976. The restaurant is known for omelets with spinach and grilled mushrooms, garlic, parmesan cheese and is served with grits and bacon with a side of their homemade bread. It is notoriously famous for its long line, but it is worth the wait because the restaurant is by the beach and is known for its breakfast recipes.
  • Blue Benn
    The Blue Benn diner was shipped from Jersey to Bennington and was assembled on its current spot in the year 1948. It has been the same way since then. Their old school jukebox and 25 for 2 songs will warp you back in time. Blue Benn is known for its mixed berry pancakes, and pastry Cline Crooning.
  • Brent’s Drugs
    Brent’s have undergone a number of renovations since its setup in 1946. The restaurant’s soda-fountain and retro diner theme will surely give you the nostalgia of the 60’s. Brent’s drugs is famous for serving its old fashioned recipes of French toast sandwich, grilled bacon, and pimento cheese sandwich.
  • Diner Grill
    Diner Grill is made from an old rail road dining car. Without any tables and frills, the diner contains a big counter and a griddle. The Diner is known for serving their burgers at breakneck speed. Their most famous dish is known as the slinger, it is a pile of hash browns, burger patties, eggs and cheese. Diner Grill at Chicago is one of those diners that has been endorsed by 3-Michelin star staff.