Simple acts of kindness

Simple acts of kindness

If you have a kind heart, then lend out a hand and make a difference. The best charity is when we take care of each other and be kind to everyone. Those of us who have everything in abundance can just put aside some part of our savings and donate to the charities. These are just simple ways of giving back to the society.

Here is a list of few of the best charities where you can donate your money, and rest assured, it will be put to good use.

Animal Welfare Institute, Washington D.C.: This is one of the best charities for animals in the US since 1951. Its main aim lies in reducing animal suffering. It treats animal in the laboratories through various painless methods. It emphasizes on the slaughter factories and saves the animals from being killed mercilessly. It also ensures reduction of pollution in the oceans and other water bodies to prevent harm to marine life.

Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind, Smithtown, New York: The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, being one of the best charities, helps those who are blind or have any problem with vision. It provides guide dogs along with training “ that too without any fees “ to the visually-impaired people to give them a feeling of liberation while crossing roads or simply walking down a lane. The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind has been working for over 70 years to provide the blind with a newfound sense of dignity.

American Red Cross, Washington D.C.: The American Red Cross is no doubt one of the famous charities that are working to prevent human suffering in times of emergencies and disasters. They have one of the best disaster relief teams and provide clean water and hot meals to people even in the interiors in times of need. Most of their disaster relief workers are volunteers. They also host numerous blood donation camps.

Catholic Charities USA, Alexandria, Virginia: The Catholic Charities USA forms a national network and serves the poor and needy families around the country. Their services include providing disaster relief, providing shelter to those in need, feeding starved people, providing education to those who cannot afford in the extremely poor families and also assists with adoption procedures. If you want to reduce poverty, then donate to the Catholic Charities USA as each small donation counts.

Compassion International, Colorado: The Compassion International is well known for its services to poor children, and its only aim is to save the poorest of the poor children from the clutches of poverty. They educate the children and look after their well-being. You can choose to sponsor a child directly from their website.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston: The sole mission of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is to help the patients throughout in their battle against cancer. It has been successful for over 70 years and has made several breakthroughs in cancer research over the years.

All of these charities work in their area of focus “ be it social service, cancer, aiding the blind and visually-impaired or animal welfare. So, donate, even if it is a small portion every month. Remember what Anne Frank once said, No one has ever become poor by giving.