The alkaline diet and its benefits

The alkaline diet and its benefits

The alkaline diet is a relatively new term, and its popularity is spreading across with each passing day. Adapted by a large number of people around the world, this diet suggests that one should replace acid-forming foods with alkaline foods. This diet helps in the balance of pH levels in the body and promotes an overall good health. The pH levels are considered to be important as it strengthens the body’s ability to stand against disorders and diseases.

Foods such as meat, wheat, refined sugar, etc. produce acid in the body and thus are harmful to one’s health. On the other hand, foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and more are believed to promote good health, as well as lose weight.

If you are still calculating the pros, here are a few benefits of the alkaline diet that you should know:

Protects against cancers The body is bound to suffer as a repercussion of the cells not being able to oxygenate the body adequately. This usually happens due to lack of minerals in the cells, and the accumulation of toxins weakens the immune system. High alkaline levels in the body are believed to strengthen the system as well as kill cancerous cells. Additionally, it is also beneficial in supporting some chemotherapeutic agents.

Weight-loss Consuming alkaline-high foods is beneficial in controlling body weight. This happens due to the ability of these foods to lower leptin levels and decrease inflammation, while also making one feel satisfied for longer.

Increases magnesium absorption Magnesium is necessary for the basic functioning of the processes in the body. A deficiency in magnesium can cause complications in heart, headaches, anxiety and several other issues. The rights levels of alkaline increase the absorption of magnesium as well as prevent the deficiency of vital vitamins such as vitamin D.

Bone density Aging brings with it several complications and bone density is one among them. Alkaline prevents the decrease in the levels of bone density and also maintains bone structure. It balances the ration among essential minerals that include calcium and phosphate. It also helps in the production of new growth hormones.

Anti-inflammation An alkaline diet is found to be beneficial in reducing inflammation in the body. It also reduces the level of chronic pain, especially in the back, head, and muscles. Women too have reported that the ache and cramps during menstruation are lesser when on an alkaline diet.

An alkaline diet is evidently beneficial when it includes organic foods. Thus, make sure that you know the kind of soil in which your fruits and vegetables are grown. While bringing a complete halt to eating acidic foods may be difficult, limiting intake is the way to go.