The best baby formula food for your little one

The best baby formula food for your little one

Name the person who gets most of the suggestions, even from the strangers, yes definitely you got it right, we are talking about a mom. A mommy with a baby in a rocker or pram gets valuable suggestions from the liftman, security guard, relatives, friends, and not to forget the in-laws. Even the dad, is scared to hold the baby but would research and hand you a list of the best baby formula and food items that would provide the hyperactive toddler all the nutrition and energy.

Now, you may be puzzled as to what would be the best baby formula for your little one. Options are multiple, which increases the confusion as different health experts have different views. Similarly, all the kids are different with varied requirements and taste buds.

 However, before you choose the best baby formula for your little angel, make sure that it fulfills the following standards of nutrition:

  • No pesticides: It is a well-documented fact that pesticides are harmful to everyone, especially for your kids. So any formula that you are opting for should be devoid of any sort of pesticides and chemical, as it will cause only harm to the delicate body and digestive system of your child. Food standard regulatory acts or World Health Organization certifies the brands of formula food that is safe and beneficial for your kids.
  • Organic: Try to use natural food items as much as you can. Any brand that claims to provide organic food and has been certified by the related authorities, can be the best provider of formula food for your kid. Make sure that the brand is genuine and is not involved in any food adulteration practices.
  • DHA/ARA: The best baby formula brands have been fortified with DHA or docosahexaenoic acid, ARA or arachidonic acid, and essential fatty acids as these are best suited for the all-round development of your child’s brain and body. These are few ingredients that are abundantly present in the breast milk, so if any formula food contains these ingredients, it makes it a superfood and best suited for the consumption of your child.
  • Iron: Formula food which contains iron is the best option for your child. Because in the initial years a child needs iron or the deficiency of iron may lead to several diseases and slower the speed of growth of the child. However, an excess of iron may also lead to several discomforts for the baby so the medical practitioner should be first consulted to avoid such situation.
  • Probiotic and prebiotic formula food: Several baby formula foods come with friendly bacteria that is found in the gut of the body. These help in the improvement of your child’s immunity as well as the digestive system. Probiotic enriched food helps to break down the food and medicine thereby keep the body free from toxins. Look for brands that fulfill this important nutritional quality of food.
  • The format of the formula: Formula comes in three versions, that is powder, liquid concentrate, or ready-to-use. So depending on your requirement and usage you can choose the best one. For example, if you are traveling then ready to use, is the best option to feed your baby. However, the powder is the most economical and best baby formula when you are feeding your little one at home.
  • Best for the environment: The formula foods that rule out the possibility of containing any growth hormones or antibiotics and supports biodiversity, pollution minimization and protection of the ecological balance should be opted for.
  • Suitable for sensitive tummy: If your sunshine is allergic to certain food products like soy, lactose, artificial colors or essence then opt for GMO-free formula as they are mild and easy to digest for the baby. It provides safety to the baby from colic or crying bouts or vomit or even gas.
  • Whey and casein ratio: Mother’s feed has a fixed mix of whey and casein, that is the best combination for a baby. Similarly, several brands are trying to replicate this by making formula food with the same mix and thus being the best option for your toddler.
  • Vitamins essential for the growth of baby: The best baby formula food should be fortified with the essential nutrients and vitamins. It should contain vitamin A for building body cells and good vision, vitamin B for nervous system and skin, vitamin C for gums and teeth, vitamin D to maintain strong bones and teeth, and vitamin E for healthy blood cells. It is a matter of utmost necessity that any baby formula should comprise all the above-mentioned vitamins for all-round development of the child. 

It is the love, touch, and care of the mother along with the best baby formula that makes the child healthy, strong, and happy.