The Best Smartphones That Rocked the Market

The Best Smartphones That Rocked the Market

A smartphone is an essential device that impacts our day to day activities. While the right one can often make our life easy, the wrong one can lead to frustration. Every brand entices you into believing their smartly crafted advertisements that exhibit the best features of smartphones. If you want to indulge in an intelligent purchase, compare the specifications of the closest competitors to get the best bet for a smartphone. A good number of phones were launched in 2017 that managed to impress customers. Have a look at the following best smartphones that left a mark in 2017 and continue to be popular in early 2018 as well.

  • Huwaei Mate 9
    This phone is priced at $599 and is much better than many other devices in the same bracket. With a standard large screen accompanied by an amazing camera and reliable performance, the Huwaei Mate 9 is surely one of the best smartphones. The smooth finish on the edges offer a premium texture to the construct of this smartphone.
  • Essential Phone
    This smartphone is designed by the company owned by Android’s founder and hence contains some of the best features ever. The look and functioning both are awe inspiring and exhibit craftsmanship of the highest order. The fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, POGO pins for affixing accessories, 360-degree camera and splash resistance (not water resistance) are some peculiar features associated with this phone. At a price of about $499, it joins the list of the best smartphones without doubt.
  • Galaxy Note 8
    The elder counterpart of the Galaxy S8 has faced decent sales even after the battery fiasco thanks to the S Pen feature. Although people have been speculating its performance especially on account of the incidents where its predecessor the Note 7 exploded, Samsung has been trying to reassure customers about the authenticity and reliability of this smartphone. As far as the specifications are concerned, we believe that the Note 8 is a really good phone and should be given a try if you are ready to spend some good amount of dollars.
  • Moto G5 Plus
    If you have to choose for the best smartphone in the mid range category, Moto G5 Plus will the most appropriate option. Even after the launch of the Oneplus 5 and the Oneplus 5T, this smartphone has been able to manage its position in the market, Sales graphs are soaring high meaning that people are loving the features it offers at about $230. It is engineered with an aluminum body, 12 mega-pixel camera and an expandable memory slot. All these features make it stand apart amidst the rush created by other devices in this range.
  • HTC U11
    The HTC 11 is known for its mirror detailing and vibrant colors that make the phone look very quirky and unique. The edges of the phone can be compressed to open any application, an unusual feature of the phone that is priced at about $650. The only problem with it is the unavailability of the headphone jack which has been justified by calling it a traditionally old feature. The recent iPhones also don’t have a headphone jack but are selling like hotcakes nevertheless.
  • Sony Xperia XZ
    In case you had lost track of the phones released by Sony, here is a device that worth mentioning. The Xperia XZ Premium is actually everything top class, be it aesthetics or attributes. The gorilla glass that protects the phone from front as well as back and the edges too are not that sharp like the earlier variants. In this device, Sony has reinforced what it is good at by offering high quality speakers, camera sensors, shutter buttons and screen resolution. All in all, it is a good phone that can be taken into account while buying a new device.

Apart from the above products, the Apple X, Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2, and OnePlus 5T are other devices that are already topping lists of the best smartphones and need no mention here.