The best trucks of the year!

The best trucks of the year!

Pickup trucks today come in many shapes and sizes. Diesel pickup trucks have come a long way from their humble origins as the working man’s vehicle to petrol-driven speed monsters. We mean raw, unleaded, high octane power. With so many new entrants, including small pickup trucks, in this very competitive segment, here is our list of best trucks of 2016.

Chevrolet Colorado: This amazing truck has oodles of innovation for the current year. The engineers at Chevrolet have added a new four-cylinder diesel engine with lots of low-end torque. The new truck handles like a large town car and has the distinction of being the most fuel-efficient truck in the market.

GMC Sierra 1500: For this year, the bestselling Sierra offers only cosmetic upgrades without changing the highly-rated driveline and powertrain. New grilles and lights add to the cosmetic appeal of this half tonner. The interiors has better storage facilities and a wireless phone charging station.

Nissan Titan XD: The Titan XD should be the poster boy of innovation in the trucking business. Nissan has proven that trucks can come with the foundational support of a full-size truck while offering the ride quality of a half tonne model. Add to this a 5-litre engine with 555 pounds-feet of torque and you have one of the most innovative trucks of the year.

Ram 1500: The Ram 1500 will take on any terrain in the world. Dune bashing, ploughing through waist deep mud and climbing boulders are what it is best at. The Ram 1500 is 4X4-enthusiasts’ favorite. The four-corner air suspension, big tracks and rugged look shows its 4X4 leanings. It is a great value for the true outdoors man.

Ram 3500: This huge one tonne hitter has an engine that delivers 900 pounds-feet of torque and a payload of 7,390 pounds. It has the biggest rear differential and heaviest rear axle in its segment. It is capable of pulling a 30,000-pound trailer, making it rise far above the competition. The Ram 3500 is truly a workman’s workhorse.

Toyota Tacoma: The new engine of the 2016 Tacoma is smaller, has more horsepower, more usable torque and improved fuel economy. The cabin is quieter and the frame is stronger. The four-wheel-drive system is perfect and has no rival. We wish that Toyota did not pull in its punches when others in the segment have been incorporating larger updates to their line-up.