The essential Barbour jacket buying guide

The essential Barbour jacket buying guide

When buying your classic, much-coveted Barbour jacket, there are a few things to remember. With some helpful tips here, you will be able to navigate important aspects. This includes the right time to buy, the right fit, and how to ensure you buy the right size.

Size matters
The first thing to be aware of when buying a Barbour jacket, is to understand that the sizing is always given in the UK standards. You will find US sizing alongside the UK sizes. Most people report that the Barbour jackets are a bit narrower than average. So you should order one size up particularly if you are intending to wear layers underneath.

Tick tock
Barbour jackets will never drop out of the latest fashion trends. This makes you endlessly chic, but means there are very few sales. So, you will have to keep a keen eye out for when Barbour jackets go on sale.

Decide which style suits your preferences
Barbour jackets come in a handful of great styles to select from. The two most popular styles comprise of quilted and waxed cotton. Neither is inherently better than the other, and you will have a hard time deciding which one is right for you. Choose the one that fits your wardrobe best- these jackets will last a lifetime.

Maintenance is key
According to the makers, every Barbour jacket needs a re-coating once a year. This is because the wax which keeps the jacket waterproof tends to wear away with the passage of time. If you can maintain a regular upkeep for the jacket, it will save you from costly repairs in the long term. Waxed Barbour Jackets Are Not Exclusively For Winter. If you hail from that part of the USA that gets enough snowfall during the winter, putting on a Barbour jacket may not be sufficiently warm. The jacket can be worn all around the year because of its weatherproof and dustproof technology. You can add in some zip-in accessories with the jacket so that it can make the fit more snug and warm.

Color Color
Barbour jackets come in a variety of colors to select from, and each color has many shades. The most common colors of Barbour jackets includes green, black, navy, rustic and bark. The modern sage green shade has an elegant shine.

These few tips will help you choose the best Barbour jacket for yourself and your loved ones. You can rest assured that you will never regret your decision to invest in this world-class jacket.