The mouth-watering world that is KFC

The mouth-watering world that is KFC

A fast food restaurant is the most common hangout place. The most striking features of a great food joint are its delicious meals and an impeccable ambiance. Almost everyone has a favorite place that they frequent to satiate their hunger and have a good time.

Since people lately have very little time for home-made meals, fast food is their best option. Talking about fast food chains, the most popular fast food joint that every loves is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain that is located in over 123 countries. It is the first American fast food chain to set its foot internationally. KFC is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and has a trademark of serving a large portion of fried chicken in cardboard buckets.

Yum menu at KFC!
KFC originally started its service with only pressure fried chicken, that was seasoned. With its national and international expansion, the services and the menu also expanded.

KFC offers many classical meals along with family meals that include a mixed variety of chicken wings, nuggets, burgers, drumsticks, etc. For the health conscious folks, Kentucky fried chicken menu also comes with healthier alternatives.

At KFC, a large variety of combos including 2 piece chicken combo, popcorn nuggets combo, etc. are available at a decent price. Hot chicken and hot tenders are available from 1 piece to 24 pieces, fulfilling the appetite of a person or an entire group!

Expansion of the menu
Depending on the family size, there are many types of family meals available. Lately, chicken fillet burgers and wraps, along with salads and other side dishes has also become a part of the menu.

The kid’s meal added in the menu makes sundry options available to attract the fussy-eaters. The beverage section is full of great hot options and cold chillers. They serve it all from soft drinks to refreshing ice teas. Cookies and chocolate chip cakes add to the sweet course.

KFC policy
KFC’s policy states that any chicken, if not sold within 90 minutes, must be discarded to ensure freshness of food. The frying oil used also varies regionally, varying the taste of chicken. All dishes are prepared with great care and hygiene.

Best features of KFC
The best part about KFC is that it provides a variety of items at economical prices. KFC enjoys world wide popularity and is the most preferred alternative for many people. What’s more, it allows convenient takeaway and home delivery options.