Things you should know about curtain valances

Things you should know about curtain valances

Are you looking for the best valances for your windows? Well, then you should know that all valances are good, but in order to make them look the best, you must choose the right ones that will complement your interior decor. Curtain valances are mostly put up to bring an additional decorative effect to your rooms.

How should you hang curtain valances?

You should always decide beforehand about the way you are going to hang your curtain valance because that largely influences the installation process.

Sewn to the main panel
Some valances are kept attached to the panel by sewing them with it, by which you can achieve the look of two separate entities curtain and valance. With this method, you don’t have to bear any additional hassles of hanging the valance.

Mounted on a support
There are certain valances, which are mounted on a support and remains attached to the window panel. A great deal of care needs to be taken during their installation. However, the mounting need not be permanent. It can be attached with the help of a velcro too.

Using separate rods
You can buy a double curtain rod, which would be suitable for hanging both curtains and curtain valances. This is generally used by households, which prefer a scarf valance. The scarf valance can be easily draped around a separate rod.

Things to remember before buying curtain valances

You must always be organized while choosing the right kind of valances for your home, otherwise you would end up making the wrong choice.

Get the measurements beforehand – If you want a perfectly fitted valance for your window, then you must take proper measurements beforehand to avoid any complications later. Note down the width of the window in which you want the valance. Remember, the valence rod will be a few inches longer and not the same width as the window. The window length is not as important as its breadth, but if you want a perfect appearance without any flaw, then the length is of equal importance.

Keep in mind your interior design and nature of windows – If your window is of the type that opens from the top, then installing a valance may be problematic. Also keep in mind the fabric, color and other aspects of your valances should match the interiors of your room. If your room has earthy colors, then a subtle curtain valance would be perfect. On the other hand, if you have a Victorian themed room, then a regal curtain valance would match better. In a similar manner, weigh the interior designs of your room and choose valances that would complement them perfectly.

Visit as many stores as you can– Don’t settle for your final choice too fast. There are many web portals and local stores that sell curtain valances. Visit a number of them and then buy the one, which seems the best to you.