Tips for choosing the perfect wedding gown

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding gown

Wedding is a special occasion for every woman. It is something she has dreamt about since she was a little girl. Thus, it is obvious that every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. A big part of which involves finding the perfect wedding gown.

Before buying the elegant and unique wedding dress for your D-day, it is important to be aware of certain basic elements like the style, the look, and the material. The market is brimming with wedding gowns and being aware of these basics can help you in narrowing down your options.

Not every bride-to-be can be or even tries to be size 0 for her wedding day. For those women who not only celebrate but also like to flaunt their beautiful real-girl curves, choosing the perfect designer plus-size wedding dress can be a little difficult. Below are some tips to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day.

Dress styles
Choosing the right dress style is essential for any dress that one chooses to buy. Its importance goes a notch higher when it comes to a wedding dress. Following are some of the most popular plus size wedding dress styles you should try:

  • Ball gown– With wide flowing skirts, these are well-fitted in the waist area and flow out into an elegant-looking skirt. Ball gowns are timeless and a perfect choice for pear-shaped brides. They can work wonders by accentuating your smaller upper half. And, a ball gown is bound to make any woman feel like a princess.
  • Sheath gown– The sheath gown helps in creating an illusion of height. They do not have a separation between the skirt and the torso. Sheath bridal dresses are made of multiple vertical fabric panels. They offer the much-needed support and a generous structure.
  • A-line wedding dress– An A-line wedding dress has a narrow neckline that widens into a full skirt. This type of a wedding dress is ideal for a bride who is looking for ample coverage.
  • Dropped waistline wedding gown– Any plus-size bride wanting to flaunt her curves, a dropped waist corset gown is perfect as it emphasizes on the curves. It can also work to create fullness at the bottom of the dress.

The fabric
Once you are sure about the style, the next important step is choosing the correct fabric. A fabric largely determines how the dress would appear on the body. Some ideal fabrics for wedding dress include:

  • Chiffon– A lightweight fabric, chiffon is perfect for spring and summer weddings.
  • Satin– A high-sheen material, satin wedding dresses not only look stylish and classy but are also extremely comfortable.
  • Polyester– Wedding dresses made from polyester are comfortable and perfect for most wedding dress styles. However, polyester wedding dresses are ideal for winter weddings.