Tips to buy the right mattress

Tips to buy the right mattress

The best place to find a suitable replacement for your old mattress is the B and M retail. B and M Mattress offers you the best quality innerspring mattress, both in a single bed and double bed sizes. Their mattresses provide adequate comfort and support to your body.
A good mattress ensures that you make optimal use of the hours you spend in bed. If you suffer from back pain, it becomes all the more essential to find a mattress, which helps you in managing the problem. However, there are so many brands vying for your attention that it is easy to get confused by the choices.

The first step to a better buying decision is, obviously, to know what features you are looking for. There is no comprehensive guide or medical journal that can tell you what kind of mattress would be perfect for you, although there are broad guidelines that you can adhere to:

Trust your experience: Mattress is a product that all of us have used. We already have a list of things we like in our existing mattress and the pesky issues we could do without along with a list of desirable features. Make good use of this list and see if you find something that covers all bases.

Consult your doctor: If you have a specific medical condition, it is best to talk to your doctor or physical therapist about the issue. They can give plenty of tips on the type of sleeping surface that may be suitable for your condition. You can match and compare this with options available in the market and take a decision.

Test drive: There are no rules, which say you can test drive a car, but you cannot test drive a mattress. If you have taken the trouble to travel to a physical store, you might as well use the opportunity to get a feel of the real thing. Take your time to test the mattress, check for firmness and support.

Mattress firmness: A firm mattress is not always the best choice. In fact, the degree of firmness that is ideal for you depends on the condition of your back and also the position in which you usually sleep.
Soft mattresses, which mold to your body shape, are best for side sleepers.
If you change your position during the night and roll from the side onto your back, then medium soft would be more suitable. This will mold to your shape when you lie on the side while supporting your back when you roll over.
For those who sleep on their back, medium firm mattress offers the best support.
If you are in the habit of sleeping on your stomach, go for a firm mattress, which does not sink in during your sleep.

Warranty: All good brands offer a minimum of a 10-year full replacement warranty.

Any B and M mattress conforms to BS7177 UK fire regulations, is manufactured in the UK and provides an adequate warranty on its products.