Tips to choose the right hair dye for gray hair

Tips to choose the right hair dye for gray hair

A single gray strand on your crown can make you feel old. Thus, it becomes crucial that you find the right hair color that offers a natural look to your graying hair. Markets today have a wide range of colors and shade options for hair color. However, you can’t just pick any color that appeals to your fancy for your hair. The hair color you pick must compliment and flatter your overall look. There are some important factors to keep in mind when you choose the best dyes for grey hair. They are:

Plan your makeover
Don’t let the choice of color for your hair be erratic. It is best to put some thought into choosing the perfect dye for grey hair. You should also keep in mind the degree of experimentation you are open to. If you are looking for a drastic change in your look, you can opt for a color that is in contrast to your natural hair color. However, if you are not into such adventurous routines, stick to shades that fall close to your natural hair color. You also need to consider the rules at your place of work or school before you narrow down on the best dye for grey hair.

Take your complexion into consideration
Every skin color has a set of hair colors that compliment it beautifully. Find out if you have cool or warm skin undertones to find out which hair color shade would suit you the most. In case your complexion is warm-hued, you must choose warm tints and vice versa. To find the best dyes to cover grey hair, the color of your eyes is also important. For instance, people who have dark or brown eyes are advised to stay in the same palette. Color choices such as chestnut, brown or even red will emphasize their eyes. You can even settle for hues such as chocolate, mahogany or auburn. It is recommended that people with black/brown eyes stay clear of hair color shades that are too light or are orange. People who have blue or green eyes can opt for blonde or red colors. This creates an attractive combination.

Purchase appropriate formula
To make a suitable purchase of the best dye for grey hair, it is important that you evaluate the percentage of your total hair that is grey. This estimate will help you make the most suitable choice for semi-permanent hair color and permanent hair color. If the range of grey hair on your head varies between 10% and 50%, you can settle for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye. The color of these dyes fades with every hair wash. If the percentage of grey in your hair is higher, permanent hair color is the best solution. Opt for a hair color formula that guarantees 100% grey coverage and is long-lasting.

Opt for natural hair colors
Before you rush into coloring your greys to black/brown, it is essential that you assess the degree of tolerance to hair, your regrowth and the time you have in hand. We all agree that roots that shine in their original color from perfectly colored hair take the charm away from it. To avoid this, you will need to schedule a root touch up session every 4 weeks. However, if you color your hair in a shade that resembles the natural color of your hair, you have 6-8 weeks before you panic. Natural hair colors cause minimal damage to your hair health, keeping them luscious and colorful. You can also make a list of harmful ingredients such as ammonia and check to see if your brand of hair color contains any ingredients from the list.