Tips to Get the Right Cell Phone Deals for You

Tips to Get the Right Cell Phone Deals for You

If you are searching for cell phone deals, then the best place is online. You can get a variety of offers online. Big online stores, such as Amazon, offer deals frequently.

Cell phones come in a variety of specifications, features, hardware configurations, colors, looks, and brands. The top tier phone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, HTC, and some others have a large variety of phones available. Some of the latest phones, such as iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2, etc. are some of the popular phones that are reigning the market.

You can get some of the best cell phone deals not only on new cell phones but also on older models. The following are some tips to get the best cell phone deals.

How to get the best cell phone deals

Look for deals on older models

If you are looking to buy a new phone but are not much of a tech buff, look at the previous models. You can surely find a lot of cell phone deals in online stores as well as in brick and mortar stores.

The world of cell phones is fast changing. The shelf life of phones is short. New models are coming up at regular intervals. Storage capacities are getting outdated rapidly and so are the new features such as the pixel quality of the cameras. This situation presents an opportunity to secure great cell phone deals on older models. Many stores, both online and brick-and-mortar ones, are stuck with previous models of various brands of phones. They are eager to sell these phones at a discount to their price. So, you can easily get cheap phone deals in previous models.

Look online

The online market is flooded with discounts and deals. Online store giants like Amazon offer amazing cell phone deals during special days like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. You can get previous models at unbelievably low prices. Black Friday is a special occasion when you can get deals on a variety of items including cell phone deals.

Offers from carriers

Sometimes carriers announce special deals on mobile phones. In 2014 AT&T announced a good cell phone deal that T-Mobile customers would become eligible for a $450 credit to their in-store credit if they trade their present smartphones with new ones from AT&T and switch over to AT&T as their service provider. In case, you come across similar offers when you are already searching for a new phone, you can really secure cheap phone deals.

Aftermarket of cell phones

If you want still better cell phone deals, you can look for the aftermarket of cell phones. Indeed, there is a big aftermarket of cell phones. You can get them online too. Here you can get high-quality mobiles at unbelievably low prices. However, these are mostly used phones. If you don’t like the idea of using used phones then this is not for you.


You can get coupons for buying various cell phones in online stores and various other sites like Groupon, Slickdeals, etc.

Things to remember before securing cell phone deals

Deals are great as they let you secure coveted smartphones for a discounted price. However, you would also need to choose a carrier. In the country, most carriers have contracts with handset makers. So you cannot choose a smartphone and choose any network provider unless you are looking at unlocked smartphones.

You need to verify whether the smartphone is compatible with the carrier’s network or not. Therefore, before going to buy cell phones for discounted prices, you need to ensure that the phone is compatible with the carrier you are interested in.

Ensure good network coverage

You need good coverage to ensure good connectivity. Before falling for cheap cell phone deals, ensure that the carrier has the best coverage in your area.