Top 4 desktop computers to consider buying

Top 4 desktop computers to consider buying

Deciding whether you need a personal desktop computer (PC) or a laptop is often the most difficult to make. Laptops sure are lighter, but desktop computers are always the better option if most of your day is spent in one place. The question that arises now is about how to buy the right one. Here are four of the best desktop computers we have handpicked to make your decision easier.

Choosing a PC
Certain hardware-related elements play a crucial role when buying a desktop computer. Here are a few of them you will need to always take into consideration:

  • Operating system
    The first factor to account for when buying a PC is the operating system you’d like to use The two common options everyone chooses between are Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS.
  • Memory
    Your computer’s primary and secondary memory capacities will depend on how you use your PC. More random access memory, i.e., RAM, helps heavy applications run smoother, and the capacity of read-only memory, i.e., ROM, depends on how much data you like to keep offline.
  • Processor
    The heart of any computer is a processor. And having a powerful processor will make sure that your PC is ready to go in a matter of seconds!
  • Upgradability
    One of the biggest perks when you compare a desktop and a laptop is that desktops can be upgraded when a new and improved part has been released. Replacing the components is also quite easy.

Best PCs in the market
Many top brands offer pre-built PCs that are ready to use as soon as you connect them to a power source! Here are a few you can choose from:

  • Dell XPS 8950
    This desktop computer is a blend of everything you would want in and more! It comes with options of Intel® Core™ i5, i7, or i9 12th Gen processors. There are multiple options available for the RAM too, and you can go up to 64 GB! The motherboard comes with its Intel UHD Graphics card, and the external graphics processing unit is an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060.
  • Apple Mac Mini M1
    The Apple Mac Mini M1 might be small in size, but it is one of the best desktop computers out there! It has a RAM size of up to 16 GB, making it capable of running multiple apps simultaneously with utmost ease. It also boasts a storage capacity of 2TB, making it one of the cheapest and fastest machines out there!
  • Apple iMac 24 Inch
    Apple has always been associated with being the best in business, and their desktop computers sure do not disappoint! An all-in-one desktop PC is sure to impress you with its beautiful display of 24 inches, RAM of 16 GB, and storage of up to 2 TB!
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    In this amazing era of do-it-yourself tech, you can find desktop-level power that fits inside a single board! This nifty model made by Raspberry has a RAM size of up to 8 GB and supports a 4K display. But you’ll have to be adept with the Raspberry Pi software and operating system to use this desktop computer.

These PCs are a few examples of many products on the market. If you wait till the festive season, the deals offered for more powerful models are unreal!