Top 6 cricket network plans

Top 6 cricket network plans

Cricket is a well-known service provider in the United States, offering a number of plans to its users. It also offers several bundled plans to provide its users with cheap cricket cell phones.

Here’s a list of all its popular network plans:

  • Talk and Text

If you are using one of the basic and cheap cricket cell phones and do not want to opt for data services, then this is the best plan. At USD 25 per month, you will get access to unlimited calls and texts across the US.

  • 1GB data

This is the basic data plan that you may have on any of your cricket wireless phones. It offers 1GB high-speed 4G LTE data for a month along with unlimited texts, calls, and picture messaging service across the US at USD 30 per month.

  • 4GB data

This is the next plan in the list that gives access to 4GB high-speed 4G LTE data for a month. This offer also lets you make unlimited calls, send texts, and share pictures with users all around the US. This plan is priced at USD 40 per month, but you may get a USD 5 off post-Auto Pay credit.

  • 8GB data

At USD 50 per month, you will get 8GB high-speed data and other services like the previous one. You may avail of some of the services from Mexico and Canada as well. Apart from this, you may also send unlimited texts from the US to 38 countries.

  • Cricket Unlimited 2

This plan gives you access to unlimited data with a maximum speed of 3Mbps at USD 55 per month. It allows you to stream video at SD quality. All the other services of calling and texting are same as the previous plan.

  • Unlimited

If you don’t want to be restricted, then this is the plan to choose while buying one of the cheap cricket cell phones. This plan offers unlimited high-speed 4G LTE access up to a data usage of 22GB. It costs USD 60 per month. The other services are same as the previous plan.

Depending on your preferences, make a wise choice of the plan while you purchase one of the best cheap cricket cell phones.