Types of bathtub doors to choose from

Types of bathtub doors to choose from

Every home has its own charm and every small detail when customised can enhance that appeal to a great extent. Even for a very personal place in the home like a bathroom, a person prefers the place to be a nice looking one. A suitable bathtub door can entirely change the aura of the place and can make it look very charming. There is quite a variety to choose from when it comes to bathtub doors. One may install a very modern and nice-looking door for their bathtub while renovating their home and it can totally change the look of the bathtub area.

Bypass shower doors are one of the very good-looking doors which also require very less area. These shower doors consist of two sliding glass panels. Even though these couple of glass panels suffice the work of shower doors, some fixed panels can be attached. These doors are very similar to patio doors. They look elegant and also function very well, making them an excellent choice for shower doors. Then there are hinged doors and even though the outlook is very much like the bypass shower doors, they require a little more space than the former. This is because they require swinging in one direction to open. The door which swings is attached to a fixed glass panel. These shower doors too are not a bad choice at all. However, there should be enough space in your bathroom in order to install hinged shower doors. Pivot doors are another type of shower doors used in very modern bathtubs. In these shower doors, the swinging glass can swing in either direction. This very feature gives it a classy look. The swinging glass can be installed either at the edge of the door or the center. These shower doors add a pleasant and luxurious aura to the bathtub area. Bath screen doors are very suitable when one wants to make efficient use of the space. One glass panel is fixed while the other two are folded on hinges. Just like bi-fold closets, they also require minimal space. Neo-angle doors are again, very efficient in space saving. Here, two side doors stand at 90 degrees to the walls and the main door is at the center. The door opens creating a neo angle and thus, saves a lot of space. Steam doors, as the name suggests, are air-tight doors. Here, the glass panels are air tight from floor to ceiling. These doors are used when that area is also to be used as a steam room.

The choice of shower doors must be made taking into consideration space, looks and any specific requirement if any.