Understanding the popularity of 800 numbers

Understanding the popularity of 800 numbers

Toll-free numbers or free phone numbers are those 3 distinct digit code numbers that can be called from any landline without incurring charges to the person making the call. These numbers are usually subscribed by businesses and enable the customers or individuals to reach out to these businesses that could probably be outside their state or nation without incurring any charges for the person originating the call.

These business phone numbers are associated with those businesses that enable free customer service calling so that the customer feels free and relaxed to provide their feedbacks, place a complaint or clarify their doubts.

The toll-free business phone numbers can begin with any of these 3-digit codes 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888. Among these, the newest three-digit code is the 844 while the 800 is the oldest and the most popular one. 800 has been used as the prefix for toll-free business phone numbers for as long as 40 years that people have even begun referring to toll-free numbers as 800 numbers. Businesses feel skeptical about going in for any other 3-digit code as a prefix for their free phone number. The reason behind why the 800 number has been so popular among the other toll-free numbers is because it can be easily memorized by the customer.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formulates the rules for acquiring and utilizing the free phone numbers. However, the FCC is not responsible for assigning the numbers, does not have access to the database of these numbers nor can it give any data about the status of the toll-free business phone numbers. These free phone numbers are assigned by the entities called the Responsible Organizations that offer these numbers on a first come first serve basis. The Responsible Organizations have toll free numbers’ database and also possess information about the status of these numbers. These Responsible Organizations are certified by Somos Inc. which is the administrator of the database of the free phone numbers.

When a business takes up an associated toll-free number they create a firm reputation as a national enterprise. Since the 800 number has been used for a long time as toll-free business phone numbers, it has been fixed in the customer’s mind that businesses who have toll free prefix as 800 are trustworthy businesses. Hence, when a customer has to make a choice among various toll-free numbers to call on they would dial the one with the 800 as the prefix. Sometimes the 800 number proves to be the key to the rising sales of products of certain companies because of the customer behavior towards the number.